What is AIS or Automatic Identification System ?

Written by Amit Sharma

AIS-  Stands for Automatic Identification System

Automatic-  No human Intervention once the system is set and gets going.

Identification-  Identification of the other ships which are also operating the AIS.

System- Your AIS is a part of system which includes your ship, ships around you who are also operating AIS, VTS and various Navigational subsystems like GPS, Log, Gyro etc.

What is the use of AIS?

It helps a vessel’s watch keeping officer and the VTS to Identify and monitor movement of vessels in the vicinity. In this system, a ship exchanges data like —Her identity, Position, Course, and Speed electronically with other nearby ships and VTS stations. The same data received form other is displayed on a screen in the wheel house for the benefit of the officer of the watch.The IMO requires AIS to be fitted aboard international voyaging ships with GT of 300 or more and all passenger ships regardless of size. It is estimated that more than 40,000 ships currently carry AIS class A equipment.

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