The following questions came from candidates right after they had finished their oral exam.



1.         What is tappet clearance? How to take tappet clearance?
2.         What will happen if tappet clearance is less or more?
3.         Explain the procedure of removal of liner in main engine and auxiliary engine.
4.         How to lock the liner at the time of taking out piston from the unit in auxiliary engine?
5.         Explain the procedure of removal of piston in main engine and auxiliary engine.
6.         Explain the procedure of removal of cylinder head of main engine.
7.         How to check AE compression pressure?
8.         How to identify inlet valve and exhaust valve of an AE ?
9.         How inlet valve and exhaust valve lapping is done?
10.     How shall you carry out auxiliary engine cylinder head pressure test?


1.         Why we can’t use single stage air compressor and also explain P-V diagram of it?
2.         Why we use multistage air compressor and what is the importance of it? Why cylinder diameter of compressor decreases after every stage?
3.         What are different trips/ alarm present in air compressor?
4.         What is the location of relief valve, bursting disc and fusible plug?
5.         What is the purpose of unloader valve?
6.         What would be the affect of suction valve having too much lift?
7.         What is the use of intercooler and after cooler in compressor?
8.         How to start air compressors manually on ships?
9.         What is emergency air compressor? Its purpose and regulation?
10.     How do you check compressor efficiency during running?
11.     What are the safeties on air bottle?
12.     What are the mountings on air bottle?
13.     Explain air bottle entry procedure.
14.     What action should be taken in case of corrosion / wasting observed on air bottle?
15.     What would be the affect of suction valve of an air compressor having too much lift?
16.     Air compressor efficiency drops. What may be the reasons?
17.     What are different types of corrosion in air bottle and its effect?

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