69% Seafarers Suffering Extreme Financial Crisis, Says Maritime Charity Survey. What is wrong with the shipping as a career?


As the number of seafarer quitting the industry increases every year, we ponder, what is propelling them to quit after sailing only for a few years? If in one statement, it can be summarized, it can be this one.

At the start of your career it’s like you are riding a Ferrari and your friends are in a WagonR, years passed and you find yourself in the same hypothetical Ferrari only, whereas your friends may be driving a Rolls Royce now. That’s the reality of a life at sea.

The expectations, with which a cadet or a trainee enters the fascinating world of shipping, remain largely unfulfilled when he discovers that the earnings are only for his working period.

He finds his income unsettling to cover the cost of the vacation and examination in the first few years of the career hoping that once he gets the license & starts sailing as an officer, all of his money crunches will be gone. But Unfortunately, things still do not match up to his expectations and requirements & it never will.

The great stash of money earned in a contract is spent sitting at home that averages the annual salary out to less than a small YouTuber with 50k subscribers which he achieved working for just 6 months or so.

The Survey

A recent survey conducted by global maritime charity Stella Maris showed that financial worries have had a profound impact on seafarers, with 69% saying that they are suffering an extreme financial crisis. Seafarers also said the pandemic has worsened the situation and has a significant impact on their emotional, mental, physical, and psychological wellbeing. The survey confirms it will be even more pressing in the upcoming years.

Asked what their most urgent need would be in the next six months to a year, the majority of seafarers said it was to secure a new contract and go back to work and that is a vicious life cycle of a seafarer because most of them don’t know how to get out of this.

“This is the direst situation with vessels and crew that I’ve seen in many decades,” said Andrew Kinsey, a New York-based senior marine risk consultant at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.

Problems like multiple courses, Long waiting period at home, continuous reduction in salaries every year with increased work pressure, almost no financial planning options, scammed & ineffective complaint procedures are just a few of a dozen serious problems a seafarer suffers which no MLC can deal with.


The lesson that I learned from this crisis is

No matter how hard you dedicate your life to any company whatsoever, our life as a sailor is never secure, and deep inside our heart, we all know this & live with this fear.

First, We should accept this fact that we are skilled contract laborers and not an employee of any company & moreover, we can be replaced anytime with a cheaper crew available.

My question to you is.. Are you waiting for a bigger job crisis to realize that you are also at great risk of losing your job anytime whatever rank you hold? & if not losing the job, facing more sufferings & incremental pressures from seniors to finally be forced to quit or to look for an option. Moreover, COVID is just a beginning. Trust me guys. A bigger crisis is approaching sooner than you think.

Be forced to quit or retire will be very very painful.

But the real question is “what are we doing about it?” Or “can we really do anything at all?” I mean after sailing for 6 months or so, is there any scope left to find any other equivalent job ashore or any alternative of this career? & will it be easy to start a new career at this age or at this point in time? I understand all these emotions because I have gone through all of these questions?

And the answer is “Yes!! You Can.”

Try & understand this. The only way of getting financial security for a sailor is to find an easy way to earn money on autopilot while staying at home and not only spending.         

What if I tell you that you can earn so much so as to cover your monthly living cost at home by working just for 2 hours a day in the comfort of your home at your chosen time. Imagine, your hard-earned money from sailing can be a complete saving & moreover you can invest it to retire whenever you chose to & not forced to.

What if I tell you that this 2-hour job can slowly exceed the salary of a master of LNG/LPG tankers. Would you give it a try?

Trust me guys, I have tried & failed in many businesses to finally found this one method of earning completely suited for sailors where you have control of everything even when you are sailing because the work that you have done while staying at home keeps on growing with each passing day & keeps filling your bank account.

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Am not asking you to start a YouTube channel and dream of becoming an overnight YouTube sensation. That’s a stupid idea & You know that.

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