MMD Orals

1What is amplitude?
2What is Isogonic chart?
3What is BNWAS, ECDIS requirements & performance standards?
4What are the maintenance of Magnetic compass?
5What are Neap tides?
6What are Spring tides?
7Why are we required to know about them during our passage planning?
8What is INSPIRE ( Indian Ship Position & Information Reporting System) & where is It’s headquarter?
9What are the Meteorological equipments on bridge?
10What are the Meteorological equipments on bridge?
11What is Passage Planning?
12Sailing in navarea 3 to 4 suddenly voyage order changes to NAV Area 5.
13What action will you take after sending false alert on HF?
14What is the procedure to log Distress alert?
15What are the corrections of chart catalogue & how to do it & which section of NTM will u find it?
16Define Tactical diameter & transfer?
17How many navareas? How will you select stations on navtex? How will you get navigational warnings outside navareas when you have lost all satellite antennas?
18Which ALRS volume contains the details of racons?
19How to correct ASD in detail?
20What are the precautions while using GPS Fix at sea not in coastal waters?
21How will you check RADAR performance?
22What is the proper meaning of Word Impede?
23What is annex 4 distress signal in detail?
24What is your action on hearing Fog signal?
25 Action in case of Gyro fails?
26What is range of NUC light?
27Action in MOB on port side ?
28Describe all the 4 annexes.
29What is the Diameter of ball?
30What are the Safe water marks, Lateral marks & Isolated danger marks?
31What is the significance of each type of buoy?
32What is Barometric Tendency & its significance?
33How we will know ASD is upto date or not?
34What is the purpose of INTERCO?
35What is Answering Pennant?
36Make a wind rose diagram.
37How will you determine iceberg in your locality during day & night?
38What are Routing Chart details?
39What changes you will make in Navtex?
40What precaution regarding UKC to be kept in mind while planning passage ?
41What is Static and Dynamic Draft?
42What was your company's UKC policy?
43What is Steering tests prior departure?
44What do you mean by gyro error LOW or HIGH ?
45One simple numerical about deviation,variation and compass error
46Definition of crossing situations?
47What is Occulting, flashing and Isophase Light? What is very quick?
48What all publications do you carry on board and in how many years new edition for each is printed?
49What is SafetyNET ?
50PDV ( POWER DRIVEN VESSEL) underway lights
51How will you determine if risk of collision exits, without using radar
52What is minimum CPA required to avoid close quater situation ?
53Circumstances for calling master ?
54O/T situation, give way Vessel not taking action ?
55CBD light and shapes underway, RAM definitions, Brief TSS .
56What is lateral marks, Isolated danger marks?
57What is Bridge control tests prior departure?
58How to do steering tests?
59How to find compass,gyro errors ?
60When approching pilot station within ITZ ?
61Trawler, fishing vessel, Pilot vessel lights and shapes
62What is Radio Medical Advise and message to prepare?
63 From where we get the list of medicine required to carry onboard?
64Fire in galley you are incharge, What will be your actions?
65What is Relative bearing?
66Define a vessel NUC, RAM, CBD & their lights.
67Define Safe speed?
68Quote rule 5,6,19 & situations on the same rules
69What is Region A & B as per IALA buoyage?
70What is cardinal marks, isolated danger marks, fairway buoy?
71Where to keep red buoy when sailing out from bombay ?
72How to correct charts which is not corrected for last 3 years ?
73What are errors of magnetic compass ?
74What do you understand by gyro error 1 degree high ?
75What is Squat and its effect on ships ?
76What is Notices to mariners and ALRS ?
77Prepare muster list for abandon ship (to assign duties).
78When to call master ?
79When Radar not working, how to keep a proper lookout ?
80Emergency - engine breakdown , what is your actions ?
81What are factors affecting UKC ?
82What is CPA & Is 0.2 nm a safe CPA ?
83Own vessel CBD, narrow channel, NUC vessel is right ahead, what is your action ?
84What is responsibility of CBD as per rule 18 ?
85when you lowering boat with three person and you are incharge?
86Action when engine failure while navigation 25 nm away from land.
87Muster list contents , draw roughy and show .
88Define celestrial sphere, amplitude, azimuth , sextant error.
89Light show by NUC vessel while underway,making way and at anchor.
90What is medical reporting produre and where station is located?
91Compass error calculate when gyro course 143 deg, compass course 148deg, gyro error 2 deg high.
92Variation 2 deg west ( annually 2 min increasing to west from 1982) gyro bearing 123, find deviation ,stb compass bearing.
93IN ROR only situation overtaking. R.v overtaking.
94 You are taking delivery of new ship how will you implement garbage management plan on board .
95As a 2nd officer what will you take over in medicine part .
96Vessel towing 3 vessels along side what lights it will show.
97What do you mean by ordinary practice of seamen in rule no. 2 ?
98You r taking delivery of new ship how will you implement garbage management plan on board ?
99As a 2nd officer wat will u take over in medicine part .
100Vessel towing 3 vessels along side wat lights it will show.
101What do you mean by ordinary practice of seamen in rule no. 2 ?
102Action in RV one vessel fwd of beam port side and another is taking over stbd side action ?
103Quote rule no.5, and meaning of all available mean & chart symbol for works different types of work ?
104Headon sitiation action ,radar plotting,all cardinal marks n falshing are overtaking in TSS suddenly that vessel altered co towards you action
105Action in RV one vessel fwd of beam port side and another is taking over stbd side action.
106Code rule no.5,meaning of all avai means chart simble for wks diff types of wk.
107New danger mark,special mark,isolated danger.preffered channel buoys of region a and b 9.
108 IAMSAR manuals and purpose of vol3 and whart are raster and vector charts
109 What is data available in dynamic data of AIS?
110When to call master and what actions to be taken if its RV ?
111How to determine visibility is detoriating in night.
112Action to be taken if person falls overboard.
113What is advance,tactical dia and tranfer what are the imo requirements for that?
114What is 'c' correction in sights and how will you take a sight ?
115Action to be taken whn you see a white light.
116What will you do when you find the diffrence between your actual position by your GPS and sight has an error of 50Nm ?
117How will you determine the waypoints and wheelover points while altering course on a chart.
118What is prefered channel to STBD (draw) in region A and where will you place the bouy ?
119Contents of roeuting guide mand ocean passages of the world .
120Few cards also and regrding NUC and vessel AGROUND .
121How to file T and P ?
122You have a chart corrected till 2010 jan, procedure to check if its corrected up to date, if not , how will you correct. Reason for your answer.
123Course 180 sighted south cardinal bouy right ahead,action. Light of south cardinal buoy .
124How often is the survey of medical chest on board carried out?
125How many GPS you had on board?
126 Difference between GPS and DGPS and Errors of GPS.
127When do you do stearing gear test. What all is checked. Required capability of stearing gear
128what is iamsar manuals and purpose of vol3 ?
129What are raster and vector charts. Ecs and ecdis difference ?
130How many sight you can take in the morning,
131Whats the limit for ex- meridian sight ?
132When is difficult to take merpass. Sights and auto pilot testing interval ?
133Quote Rule 9, 13, 15.
134What is Gyro error and how will you take in normal forecast & overcast.
135What is muster list preparation.
136How to approach TRS ?
137What is Navtex settings ?
138What is EGC messages ?
139Difference between clearing mark & clearing bearing.
140What is great circle sailing ?
141Quote Rule 9, 13, 15.
142what is gyro error and how will you take in normal forecast & overcast ?
143How muster list preparation ?
144How to approach TRS ?
145What is Navtex settings ?
146What is EGC messages ?
147Difference between clearing mark & clearing bearing.
148What is great circle sailing?
149What is cardinal marks and preferred channel buoys ?
150What information you get from ARPA ?
151On a paper showed various targets with their relative vector on ppi identify situationas.
152On a paper showed various targets with their relative vector on ppi identify situationas?
153Draw pilot boarding station.
154What is P.I. ? explain how to use it correctly?
155How many sight you can take in the morning?
156Whats the limit for ex- meridian sight ?
157Ship is Stopped initailly, Now rudder 10 degrees to port, engines dead slow ahead, where stern and bow will swing?
158ROR cards n situation.restricted visibility, both cases RADAR operational n inoperational you are duty officer u heard 1 prolonged blast on port bow. Action?(rule 19d 1 n 2)
159How to obtain noon position by sun full plotting only floating(lond by chron and merpass), why pl is N-S in morning n E-W at MERPASS
160What is eco sounder and RADAR principle , working, limitations ?
161Why gyro compass fails at higher latitude?
162What is MERSAS and IAMSAR ?
163Ship draft 17 mtrs , you are approaching 20 mtrs depth,,,what effects ship will experience?
164Methods of obtaining compass error and explaination on transit bearings
165What is Fog signals ?
166what do you mean by routine charts and pilot chart ? how many volumes?
167What is ON the arc and OFF the arc in sextant means?
168What is sextant altitute of polaris?
169What is procedure of chart correction?
170What is fairway buoy? And its use? Which side you willl keep this?
171What is isolated danger mark ?
172What is AMVER and its use?
173 What is inspires and its limit?
174To avoid a chocked hat ,what should be angle b/w lighthouses?
175Preacautions in narrow channel?
176What is phasing and ranging in echo sounder
177What do you mean by deviation card and how will you prepare it ?
178Difference between barograph and barometer?
179Which method should prefer for sight calculation at morning? And why?
180What do you get after taking sight? And your next plan?
181How will you transfer your position from one chart to another chart?
182What is safe water mark,region A, B buoys?Its use ,shape,light,and colour?
183Wreck not danger for navigation ,how much distance u will keep from this?
184How do you do a sight calcualtion?
185How do you know sun at the meridian?
186How do you know sun at the meridian?
187How many volumes in ALRS,how they are name? For a particular area how will u find out a selective volume?
188What information u will get from chart cataloge?
189Define safe "speed"?
190What is meridian passage?
191What is answering pandent? And its use?
192What do you mean by moon SD , augmentation,?
193What do you mean by moon SD , augmentation,?
194Difference between racon,& becon?
195Difference between racon,& becon?
196Why we need a magnetic deviation card?
197Principle of echo sounder,doppler log and auto pilot?
198What is distress signal by flag??
199Contents of notice to mariner,cumulative notice and annual notice to mariner?
200What informatin information from chart catalogue?
201What is pilots/sailing directions?
202If you are in mediterrean sea, Which SD u will refer and how will you come to know?
203How will you correct aneroid barometer ?who will correct this?
204What is another name of routiene chart?
205What do you mean by SART and EPIRB?
206Difference between azimuth and bearing?
207What do you mean by wind rose?
208Sound signal of dredger,aground vessel,anchored vessel.
209 In poor visibilty when you are going to encounter in open sea ,no target can u reduce speed?
210How will you fix your vessels postion if gps fails?
211How will you identify lighthouse?
212What is flashing, occulting, isophase?
213How will you apply rule 5,6,7,8 & 18 onboard?
214ROR cards for vsl towing more than 50 mtrs in length in RAM condt. and length of tow exceeds 200 mtrs and its day signal and fog signal.
215Card for vessel aground day signal and fog signal and action to be taken if vessel is right ahead.
216ROR card for PDV more than 50 mtrs in length with port side seen. Action as OOW.
217Chart symbols for- wreck at which mast only is visible, reporting point, 20 mtrs countour line.
218Contents of mariners handbook.
219What is a navigable semicircle in a TRS?
220How will you take meridian sight?
221What are the errors in gyro?
222What do you mean by latitude error?
223What do you mean by compasses compared?
224Great circle sailing from mallaca strait to south Africa
225Composite circle sailing and why you do composite circle sailing
226What is routine chart and what information you get from it ?
227What is Blind sector in Radar?
228What is sextant error, and how u will come to know that ur index error is correct
229If echosounder show two marking one above and one below which one iscorrect .
230Vessel anchor dragging action .
231MOB in TSS, What is your Action ?
232Which turn you will prefer in baltic williomson single turn or sharnov (failing question)asked nearly 15 situation ( all correct) ?
233Quote rule 5 and its detail explanations .
234What is Gnomic chart ?
235What is ship routeing and what information we get from it ?
236Quote rule 9, 13, 15.
237What is Gyro error and how will you take in normal forecast & overcast ?
238What does muster list preparation mean ?
239How to approach TRS ?
240Navtex settings ,EGC messages.
241Difference between clearing mark & clearing bearing.
242What is great circle sailing ?
243Lights and of NUC, RAM, Pilot, SV, FV .
244How do you know about Steering failure?
245Difference between Long by Chron and merpass?
246Towing vessel on port bow .
247 Qoute Rule 18 and 19 with detail explanation of each paragraph.
248What is Leading lights?
249What is IAMSAR and MERSAR ?
250List of Publications on bridge ?
251Narrow channel Rule?
252IALA Bouyage system
253What is meaning of Boxing of compass.
254Explain about intercept method and mer pass and show diagramatically n write the formula
255How will you calculate height of tide at secondary port ?write all the steps
256What is raising of light n how to calculate the raising distance?
257Situation you are CBD and NUC crosing from port side state action? Positiong of lights of nuc (annex 1) ?
258You are PD vessel open sea ,no traffic you see a trawler right ahead your action? How will you determine she is at anchor n positioning of her lights?
259You heard 4 short blast what does it mean?
260What is landing signal ?
261You are approaching a port and your vessel agrounds state your action ?
262What is C correction ?
263Characteristics, limitations and efficiency of a radar ?
264What is north up, co. Up, head up mode of radar ?
265Aspect and its importance in collision avoidance .
266Speed over ground & speed through water difference,which is to be used for
267Collision avoidance and why?
268Difference between ECDIS and ENC .
269Wreck with visible mast, wreck dangerous to surface navigation & wreck not dangerous to surface navigation symbols on raster charts .
270How does a wreck marking bUoy look like?
271Corresponding symbols on an ECDIS of the ones asked above.
272Explain how is speed adjusted in different cond
273Explain limitation of radar?
274Explain why range and bearing discrimination occur
275Explain what are constraints imposed on radar range ?
276Explain what are the effects of wx on radar ?
277What is sea clutter and rain clutter ?
278You see two red light identify and take action
279Towing alongside lights and then action
280Pilot vessel light
281pilot vessel light if length more than 50m
282Placement of fwd mast light
283Main mast light.
284What is horrizontal spacing of lights ?
285Full annex 1 of ROR ?
286How a navtex msg comes ?
287How does the msg goes from epirb ?
288What is LRIT ?
289 What is SSAS ?
290 GMDSS equipments in area 3 .
291What is polar navigation ?
292How will you find direction if magnetic and gyro compass are unreliable ?
293What is T and P correction and how do you correct it
294What is T and P correction and how do you correct it ?
295How to get radio medical help ?
296What is content of ALRS volume ?
297What is content of BPG ?
298What is leading lights ?
299What are methods of finding of gyro error ?
300What is south cardinal mark ?
301Passage planning from mumbai to Southampton .
302What are navtex frequencies and what does ZCZC mean?
303What is long by chron and lat by mer.alt ?
304Own vessel NUC in TSS and CBD crossing 4nm from port side not taking any action ? What is your anchor
305Action,shallow patch on stbd action ?
306Own vessel PD another PD vessel crossing from stbd in tss ? What is your action
307What is anchorage area in malacca strait and action?
308In RV situation , heard 4 short blasts action .
309What is difference between noon sight and noon position ?
310What is spring and neap tides?
311In ROR card ,stbd lateral mark IALA b ( draw) .
312What is search patterns and their pros N cons ?
313What is responsibilities of an overtaking vessel ?
314Fog signals for anchor and ground vessel.
315 What is limitations of ECDIS ?
316You heard a fog signal fwd of beam and what is your action?
317Sextant uses ,about sextant angles.
318Formula for vertical sextant angle.
319What are errors of sextant and how to correct them ?
320When rudder is stuck to 5 degree to stbd and what is your action?
321Steering failure, What is your action?
322Vessel collided and what is your action ?
323What is manouvring characteristics of vessel ?
324What is south west monsoon ?
325Formation of clouds .
326How to correct charts and explain in detail ?
327Contents of annual summary of notices and cumulative notices .
328What is transverse thrust ?
329What is Sextant, principal, errors ?
330Principle of AIS .
331You saw west cardinal mark right ahead and what is action.
332Radar characteristic and deficiencies.
333How do you set up navtex?
334Chart symbol. Wreck dangerous to navigation, rock, shallow patch shown on chart .
335Arrival port chart for Singapore from chart catalogue.
336Annual notices to mariner content.
337Isolated danger mark bouy specification.
338Define ISO phase, flashing and occulting.
339Main engine failure , Your action as duty officer.
340ECDIS and ECS difference
341Controls of autopilot.
342What do understand by yawing control ?
343Normal visibility crosing situation /
344Qoute rule 15 and 8(F).
345What is new danger mark,special mark,isolated danger and preffered channel buoys of region A and B ?
346What are raster and vector charts?
347 When to call master and what actions to be taken if its RV ?
348How to determine visibility is detoriating in night ?
349Action to be taken if person falls overboard.
350Turning circle diagram- What is advance,tactical dia and tranfer what are the imo requirements for that?
351The range and visiblity of masthead lights.
352What information does you get IAMSAR ?
353What do you mean by compatibility and segregation in IMDG ?
354Under what situation can you use an inshore traffic zone ?
355Explain the regulation concerning the risk of collission.
356C.B.D. vessel at anchor, what signals will she show.
357C.B.D. vessel in fog drops anchor, what will be her fog signal
358Charts that have not been corrected for the past two years, how will you go about correcting them ?
359Where will you find the latest edition of charts and how is the information presented ?
360Make a passage plan from Mumbai to Suez ?
361What information will you receive from your seniors, and how will it help u in making plan?
362From where will you get information about traffic density in any area?
363Explain routine chart?
364How will you determine position plotting interval ?
365Vessel on port BOW and its action ?
366Vessel on stbd quartor , what is action ?
367Correct a chart which has not been corrected for long time.
368What is IAMSAR and its details ?
369MOB on stbd side , what is your action ?
370How radar plotting is done and gave for a overtaking vessel ?
371 Quote rule 2 , 8 , 10
372Buoyage & cards (day + night ).
373What was your duties as a cadet ?
374How does bearing error occur in a radar?
375Errors of the echo sounder with explanation?
376What is SHA,GHA,LHA etc ?
377Why SHA of stars given in almanac and GHA of planets and in case of stars for 3 years ?
378Sextant errors and how will you take a sight ?
379Can you use the 2010 almanac in 2011 and how?
380Explanation of the corrections applied to the sights?
381Some situations in ROR mainly crossing and overtaking (also in restricted visibility)?
382Quote rule 19 and rule 6?
383What is Transverse thrust ?
384Handing/taking over watch at sea and also in port?
385Action when entering area of RV ,seeing a vessel aground?
386What is horizontal and vertical sectors of navigation lights?

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