1. On 19th Jan 1992, PM at ship in DR 400 58’N 1750 20’W the Moon bore 1000 (C) at 07h 40m 59s chron time (error 01m 01s slow). If variation was 60W, find the deviation.
Solution –1A
  1. On 31st Aug 1992, PM at ship in DR 360 03’N 1460 50’E the Moon bore 2300 (C) at 08h 14m 56s chron time (error 02m 06s fast). If variation was 30W, find the deviation.
Solution –2A 2B
  1. On 30th Nov 1992, at 1950 hours at ship in DR 200 29’S 0170 46’E the Moon bore 2800 (C). If ship’s time difference was (GMT + 1h) and variation was 3.50E, find the deviation.
Solution –3A 3B


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