Cargo Work Oral (FUNCTION -2)

Oral Questions of Cargo Work (FUNCTION -2)


The following questions came from candidates right after they had finished their oral exam.
1What is load density? Where will you find it?
2Show bay plan & how to read it?
3What is segregation table?
4What is IMSBC & its content?
5Explain in detail the ship-shore checklist? What is P,A & R in ship-shore safety checklisT
6What is MLC & its titles?
7What are concentrates & its hazards?
8What are the loading & carrying procedures of coal?
9What are the different types of pipeline system?
10What is IMDG MFAG, Ems & UN No?
11What are the contents of MSDS?
12What are the markings on container?
13What is Transportable Moisture Limit?
14What is load density?
15What is proof load?
16What is broken stowage?
17How will you know the safe working load of crane?
18 What are different types of ropes & wires? What is breaking stress? What is the lay of rope? What does 6×12 means? What is gantline & hawser?
19What is angle of repose?
20What are grain hazards?
21How will you ensure crude for cow doesn’t contain water?
22How to control dry cargo shifting?
23What are the precautions in terms of fire & pollution while taking over watch when loading?
24Explain flammability diagram.
25What action to take in case of IMDG FIRE?
26What action to take in case of IMDG SPILLAGE?
27What is angle of loll, its corrective action & its justification?
28What is foam system & its type?
29What is chain register & its contents?
30What is VECS? & what are the requirements & by which regulations?
31What precautions are taken for static electricity during cargo operations on tankers?
32What are the hazards of tank cleaning?
33What are the precautions on loading coal?
34What is cargo securing manual & content?  Do u find it on tankers? Why & why not? What are the regulations regarding it?
35What are the IMDG content & classes?
36What are the precautions while loading heavy lifts?
37What is stability booklet & its content?
38What are the arrangements forward to reduce effect of panting & pounding?
39What are the preparations for dry docking?
40What are chlorine carrying precautions?
41What are ammonia & chlorine uses?
42How would you carry chlorine on ammonia ships?
43What is use of IG in tankers
44What is Purging.
45Duties of OOW while loading oil
46What is ship-shore safety checklist for loading
47What is fixed fire fighting appliances on deck on tankers
48What are parts of IG plant
49What is deck water seal , its types and purpose
50What are hazards & precautions while carrying coal.
51what are hazards& precautions while carrying rice.
52what are hazards& precautions while carrying bulk cargoes.
53What is flow state, TML
54What is Liquefaction
55Define load density, SF, SWL.
56What is use of loadicator
57What is union purchase and its advantages.
58p/v valve and p/v breaker, which one is primary and secondary mean for venting.
59What are different  methods of purging 
60Why gas not enter from deck seal to engine room. reason.?
61What are hazard of iron ore, while loading.
62Grain code. hazard of grain ,angle of repose, wetshife.stowage factor, broken stowage, withn e.g.
63Loadicator fail how will u load cargo.?
64IMDG code contain, type of segration done, classification..
65bay plan,lashing on container and cargo securing manual details
66Content of BLU code.
67How will you calculate amount of cargo loaded in your watch.
68You  saw oil on water near your ship action.
69How u will prepare your tanks for loading diesel in crude oil tanker?
70You are 3rd officer on general cargo and you are receiving bagged rice as cargo which is abulk cargo. how you will prepare your holds ?
71You are 3rd officer on a container ship . how will u take over a cargo watch?
72Code associated with container loading?
73On what basis you will reject a container of which you dont know the cargo inside?
74What is derrick . draw and explain its parts?
75Difference b/w  BLU and IMSBC code?
76Ventilation : why and how it is done?
77Methods of ventilation, in which cargo thorough ventilation is done?
78What are IMDG  classes?
79Minimum GM of a cargo vessel?
80What is stowage factor, broken stowage, load density, tml,fmp,flow state,Liquifaction,Moisture content.
81Tell about imdg code and its volume 
82Situation, cargo spill from container containing imdg, and skin contact of same with a crew personnel. Actions
83What is IMSBC code and its purpose
84Hazards and how will you go about in preparing for loading coal
85What is importance of  IG  system in general
86Difference between pv valve and pv breaker
87What is annealing. Why you need to do annealing
88What is chain register
89When you condemn wire rope
90Hazards of carrying Coal, Sulphur, Concentrate..
91What is Angle of repose..
92What is meaning of segreation of goods..
93Principle of explosimeter..
94COW manualing requirement while COW operation ..reason
95Flammability diagram in detail with sketch
96What is difference between IBC code and IMSBC code
97What are alarms on IG pannel
98What is deck seal, types of deck seal, what does dry,semi dry, wet type mean
99What is the capacity of IG blowers?
100What do you understand by scrubber?
101What are contents of IG?
102At what % will IG  O2 content high alarm will sound? 
103What is volatile and non volatile cargo?
104What is safe oil and unsafe oil.
105Definition of flashpoint- what was the flash pt of your last cargo?
106Define LFL and UFL
107What is purging? why is it required?
108name all gas monitoring equipments  on your ship
109how to caliberate the gas measuring instruments?
110procedures for measuring oxygen by O2 meter.
111what is chain register?
112precautions when loading concentrates
113how will you  know the class of ammonium nitrate?
114What is MFAG?
115 What is panting and pounding?
116what are stringer plates? 
117what is keel rake and stem rake?
118tell  about L/B launching procedure in detail
119Latest amemdements to MARPOL. 
120what is discharge criteria for annex 1
121contents of ORB, GRB
122what is stable, unstable, neutral equilibrium of ships
123what is angle of loll  and its corrective action in detail
124What is progressive flooding?
125contents of IMSBC code
126what are precautions before loading crude oil.
127what are stages & procedures for COW.
128what are contents of ISGOTT
129what is  X, Y , Z category of cargo
130Actions when IG fails durin discharging.
131what is CSM CODE
132How to take over cargo watch?
133Actions for spill of DG on crew.
134What Is Stealer Plate ,
135What Is Margin Plate /Line .
136Shell Expansion Plan & Its Order Of Marking ,
137Spare Portable Fire Extinguishers & Marking On It.
138What is Lifeboat Requirements & Marking On It .
139What Is Hydrostatic Curves & Tables ?
140Calculate discharging rate of bulk cargo ship when took over
141 What all other operations are carried during cargo watch 
142Principle of explosimeter.
143How does IMSBC code classify cargoes
144What document to be carried for carrying grain cargo
145What is intact stabilty requirements for grain cargo
146what are preparation while loading grain cargo
147container securing ,lashing means
148In Ro Ro ship what is axil load
149In container ship…what is heeling test
150What is requirements of blower in IG
151Crude oil washing disadvantages 
152Different types of piping system on tankers
153What is stowage factor and its unit
154What is load density and its unit
155explain bay plan in detail with sketch
156What are hazards of grain
157what all documents  you  should have before  loading grain
158what all codes are applicable to a bulk carrier
159 What all inforation shall be taken from shipper prior loading on a bulk carriers?
160Moisture content, FMP, TML
161How to verify moisture content of concentrates onboard?
162What is trimmed and untrimmed cargo?
163Angle of repose, critical angle of repose, which is more likely to shift during voyage,
164cargo with a lesser or greater angle of repose?
165What is intact stability?
166How to determine the max. amount of cargo that can be loaded in a cargo hold?max. height to which it can be loaded.load densities, S.F. were given and was asked to calculate.
167What is IMDG? Classes of IMDG? Methods of seggregation?
168Categories of Noxious liquid substances in Bulk
169Type 1/2/3 chemical tankers
170P/V breaker and P/V valve pressure ranges (approx)
171Regulations for carrying out COW.
172What is a CSC plate?
173what is stiff and  tender vessel
174what is hydrostatic draft
175intact stability criteria for grain with and without DOA
176what do you understand by tank is purged
177information we get  from IMDG supplement
178what are MFAG table
179what are hazards of concentrate
180 Precautions while loading of locomotive on deck
181determine hogging  and sagging at port
182what is  SF  (sheer force n stowage fator),bending moment,load densit
183loading steel coil(p.load density factor 15) tank top (p.load density 10)//will u load or will u reject state
184types of splicing and whipping
185Draw wire rope 6x 36, what does this indicate . 
186what does INF stands for
187how to load explosives
188scrubber oulet gas composition
189what is certificate of fitness
190what is secondary tank monitoring system
191pv breaker got activated , what will  happen to  cargo operation
192what is P/A manual
193what all information you  got through loading plan
194What is union purchase?How will you calculate SWL of union purchase?
195How will you take over cargo watch?What precaution you will take while cargo loading?What checks you carry out while on watch?
196Can chemical tanker carry oil? If so then why do we have oil tanker and chemical tanker?
197What is oil cargo and chemical cargo?
198Define Type 1 chemical tanker? What is its construction requirement? Where is it given?
199Contents of IBC code?
200Under which category of chemical does soya bean oil fall in?
201Although petrol is hazardous to human health it is listed in list of oil cargo and soya bean oil that we eat is listed in list of chemical cargo, why?
202What hazardous will soya bean oil will have if it gets spilled on water? Then why do we discharge soya bean oil directly into sea while tank cleaning?
203Regulation for Inert gas system on a chemical tanker?
204What is nitrogen inert gas generation plant? What is oxygen content in nitrogen that is used as inert gas?
205What is IMDG code, explain in detail?
206Car carrier loading precautions
207Distance  between cars while loading
208precautions while loading High density cargo 
209What is union purchase?How will you calculate SWL of union purchase?
210How will you take over cargo watch?What precaution you will take while cargo loading?What checks you carry out while on watch?
211what are markings on container
212how you will load DG container
213what is cargo securing manual
214what are the types of chemical carriers/gas carriers as per the respective
215codes and explanation of the types?
216contents of IBC/IGC codes?
217hazards in loading a bulk carrier?
218precautions in handling heavy lift?
219what is a cargo manifest?
220how will youascertain that a package is properly packed,marked,labeled
221what is the new code for bulkers?
222which ships should carry a cargo securing manual?
223you are loading an oil tanker and IG fails,action
224tankscope and explosimeter-difference and uses?
225what are methods of ballast  water exchange.
226what are factors taken into account during ballast exchange 
227what is ballast water management convention.
228why we need ballast water exchange convention 
229what are regulations for ballast water exchange to take place.
230What are the types of chemical carriers/gas carriers .
231what are Contents of IBC and IGC codes?
232what are Hazards in loading a bulk carrier?
233what are Hazards and precautions of iron ore, grain , sulphur ?
234Precautions in handling heavy lift?
235What is a cargo manifest and its use on ships ?
236How will you  ascertain that a package is properly packed,marked,labeled
237What is the new code for bulkers?
238Which ships should carry a cargo securing manual?
239you  are loading on oil tanker and IG fails , What is your action ?
240Tankscope and explosimeter-difference and uses?
241what are Hazards of coal and sulphur .
242what are Contents of cargo securing manual and chain register .
243what are Intact stability criteria for grain  loading?
244what are Intact stability criteria for tankers .
245what is Virtual heeling moment ( Grain cargo ).
246What are the effects on Cb for a vessel ? Advantages and Disadvantages of a vessel with high Cb ?
247What are the most important plans carried on board ?
248What is MLC ? How is it advantageous for you as a third officer ?
249What is Article of Agreement ?
250You are to perform a Cold Move, you are at the aft station, what are your actions ?
251Standards of Bridge Watchkeeping as per STCW Code. 
252What Cargoes do you carry in Bulk Carriers ?
253You are an OOW and loading IMDG Cargo. Precautions and Actions.
254How to commence Loading on Tankers ? Single Biggest Hazard at the time of commencing loading?
255What are the equipments to be used when loading on Tankers.
258Which is better higher angle of repose or less?
259Difference between pressure vessels and semi refrigerated vessels?
260Packaging group, limited quantity, excepted quantity.
261Show how to calculate the GM?
262How will you distinguish normal and IMDG container
263What are codes available for bulkcarrier
264What is COW  and what is use of COW and requirements
265When carrying concentrates what hazards and precaution you carried out.
266Draw a bay-plan and indicate the row and tiers
267What precaution you carried out during imdg container taken.
268What is CSC plate and CSC code 
269What is chain register and content of chain register
270When will you condemened wire
271What is the addition requirement for ships not carrying grain code?
272Describe MFAG. Placarding nd marking of a IMDG cargo?
273What is a DOC in IMDG goods?
274What is bundling?
275Suppose you are on a cargo watch and you sighted a container to be misplaced on deck.What will be your action?
276What are the various codes  for  bulk carriers
277What are precautions for loading imdg container
278What are dangers associated with concentrates
279Define  explosivemeter  and tankscope, how they differ in operation?
280How do you calibrate a tankscope.
281How do you enter a tank which has a few mm of oil and a metre of water.
282Procedures to carry out COW, tank-cleaning and gas freeing
283How do you maintain pressure on LPG ships.
284What is the cause of loss of bulkcarriers at sea.
285What is the information to be obtained in the shippers decleration when dangerous goods are to be loaded, Does It Contain The Weight Of The Cargo.
286How will you ensure water tightness of rubber gasketing in hatch pontoons.
287Requirements for loading bulk grain and explain document of authorisation.
288How and when will you carry out inerting and purging
289What are Packing recommendations and tests for packaging.
290Planning and stowage for loading containers, and calculating stability for the same.
291Lifting gear inspection – annually & every 5 years.
292Deck seal purpose, if not functiong should operations be carried out.
293Action when a component of lifting equipment fails in port.
294When is load  maximum on derrick.
295What happens in a union purchase when angle > 120 degree.
296Crane for 25t, will you load 26t if getting delayed. 
297What are precautions while Loading steel plates on deck.
298What is mousing of a cargo hook.
299Static electricity precautions using UTI tapes and butterworth machines.
300What is the difference between compatiblity and segregation tables.
301How would you go about loading crackers on your ship.
302Precautions when ullage with tape ( manual ).
303Material & construction of gas tanker tanks.
304What was your Last cargo: chemical properties, un#, class & hazards.
305Discharge criteria for phosphoric acid according to ism.
306Type of pumps on crude oil tankers.
307Checks prior to starting reciprocal pump.
308What are IG system alarms according to SOLAS.
309Draw corrosive label.
310What are precautions during Loading explosives.
311What  are  type of cargo as per IMSBC?
312What are characteristics of non cohesive cargo by nature?
313How you will load DRI cargo?
314What is hold preparation for coal loading?
315How spontaneous combustion occur in coal?
316How frequent you take temperature of hold in coal and ventillation?
317Difference  between thorough and surface ventillation?
318Is your lights in cargo hold for coal is gas proof or explosion proof?
319What documents  you carry for bulk grain loading?
320IMDG label dimensions for magazine boxes?
321What is heeling tanks and what  is difference  between side tanks and heeling tanks?
322Is CFC is allowed to be used onboard as refrigerant nd allowed by marpol or not?
323What is too lean and too rich mixtures?
324What is Difference between  Spar ceiling and limber boards?

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