1. On 2nd May 1992, in DR 200 12’S 1640 40’E, the Moon set bearing 2900(C). If variation was 20W, find the deviation of the compass for the ship’s head.
Solution –1A
  1. On 31st Aug 1992, in DR 000 01’N 1740 56’W, the Moon rose bearing 1020(C). If variation was 1.70E, find the deviation.
Solution –2A 2B
  1. On 4th March 1992, in DR 420 20’N 640 18’E, the rising Moon bore 0890(C). If variation was 100E, find the deviation of the compass.
Solution –3A 3B
  1. On 2nd Sept 1992, the Moon set bearing 2600(C) in DR 350 06’S 740 12’E. If variation was 120W, find the deviation.
Solution –4A 4B
  1. On 21st Jan 1992, the Moon rose bearing 0800(C) in DR 300 10’S 400 20”E. If variation was 5.30W, find the deviation.
Solution –5A 5B


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