Safety Oral (FUNCTION – 03)

Oral Questions of Navigation (FUNCTION -3)

The following questions came from candidates right after they had finished their oral exam.

1. How will you prepare 20 yr old tanker for dry-dock?
2. What works are carried out in dry dock  what you will inspect in propeller and rudder and how they are protected against corrosion?
3. which organization  issue certificate other than imo?
4. Details about MLC?
5. latest amendments to SOLAS?
6. latest amendment to lifejackets?
7. latest solas requlation about lifeboat?-:lb must be moved from stowed position once a week.
8. Details about cathodic protection and impressed current system?
9. SAR coordination BOOK to be carried on which are all ships?
10. Which ships need to have search & rescue cooperation manual?:- Pax ship. Don’t confuse with IMSAR volume 3
11. Tonsberg shackle and requirements for mooring tail?
12. Tonsborg and Mandel shackle? Tonsborg shackle MBL of 90t ,120t, 180t wt of 11.8 kg ,16, 25 respectively. Made up of galvanized steelopen end dia 90mm.rolling end dia 82 mm. Mandel shackle. Made up of stainless steel.
13. 13.L/B, L/R, L/By, R/B requirements for passengers ships engaged on long and short international voyage and also for cargo ships?
14. What is fuel requirement for life boat?
15. How capacity of life boat is calculated?
16. Collision bulkhead special ? 5%of ships length from fwd per or 10m whichever is less. or 8m or 5%of ships length+3m.
17. Penetration through collision bulkhead permitted or not?
18. Collision bulkhead requirement how is pipe passed through it and from where draw and show?
19. Collision bulkhead requirements?
20. Which all ship not required to have safety radio certificate?
21. Diffrence between Safety Construction Certificate & Cargo ship safety certificate?
22. Foul anchor n foul hawse, how to clear?
23.  Anchoring in the depth of 60 meters ?
24. Current 3 knots right ahead wind force 5 from stbd beam, Vessel in loaded condition ,Explain detail procedure from anchoring if depth is 30 mtrs how to anchor & how to calculate SCOPE ?
25. Anchoring of vessel in 60 mtrs depth swell right head 3kts and wind from stbd side at 6 BF scale Mooring vessel in between bouys head on wind at 6 knots Forces exerted on a moored vessel when a vessel passes by and your corrective actions which all ropes u will attend to and at what time?
26. what is your action in case of  Dredging the anchor ?Used for control speed and gives steerage pivot point brought between two anchors.
27.  Weight ratio of anchor head and shank?
28. How will you confirm anchor chain wasted?
29. What is requirements for Oil Record Book?
30. What are entries made in ORB?
31. Which all ships don’t require OIL RECORD BOOK?
32. What are all entries made in ORB regarding Ballasting /de-ballasting.
33. list of survey of safety equipment certificate?:
34. Initial, intermediate, renewal, additional survey,in the case of extension of voyage without renewal.
35. Who carry out the survey in foreign country, whom to ask for extension?
36. What is +100A1 (notification given by classification society on certificate of class)
37. What is condition of class?
38. Can any pipe line be passed through fwd collision bulkhead and  how?
39. Your vessel aground on sandy bottom and refloats during high tide and master is new in command and as a chief officer advise you will give to your master?
40. You are chief mate on a ship. your vessel grounded on a sandy bottom and Master sick, What actions will u take?
41. How to rig gun tackle?
42. HRU function?
43. what is boil over?
44. what are the sizes of nozzles on board and locations/dia of fire hose and latest regulation by DG regarding fire hose?


1. Name a statutory certificate , Who issues it ? Flag state or classification society?
2. Give the article numbers which explain what entries to make for in disciplinary action by seamen ; in official logbook 194 general offense against 196 entry of
3. offense in official log ?
4. How we will come to know that ship is brought up?
5. what do you mean by riding cable?
6. vessel in river with current from astern, not enough room for swinging, how to swing the vessel?
7. Why is PMS needed ? As per which regulation ?
8. Statutory certificate as per which regulation required?
9. Draw turning circle for a ship at half ahead and slow ahead , Wanted to see which one was larger or if it was the same and why?
10. What details obtained from mid ship section of a ship?
11. How many sections are there in ISM code?
12. What are restricted waters ? Same as narrow channel.
13. Effect of speed on turning circle?
14.   Critical period & instant?
15. What are the various types of blocks in a dry dock?? keel-concrete/timber or composite, wedge release and high keel towers side=sliding releasing bilge blocks, dutch type sliding, german type adjustable bilge, hydraulic cylinders and sliding steel tower ?
16. Enhanced survey programme mandatory as per which regulation and applicable for which ships ?
17. what is the key point surveyor will check in the ESP. (Hull thickness)
19. Instruments used for checking propeller drop n rudder drop.
20. How to check ship plug. (by an instrument which creates vacuum)
21. What is IOPP certificate, who carry them as per which regulation and What is difference between IOPP certificate of tankers & bulk carriers. What is there in form A & form B of certificate.
22. Annex-I discharge criteria & special area?


1. What is ISPS  code, tell about it and certification required ?
2. E/R bilge discharge criteria in special area & outside special area?
3. Sewage discharging criteria?
4. What is weak link?(purpose is to INLATE THE LIFE-RAFT)
5. What is floodable length? factor of subdivision?
6. Which certificate issued under ISM code & ISPS code?
7. What is validity of SMC ? subject to what provisions ?
8. M S ACT, which section talk about offense recorded in OLB? what is exact caption for that section?
9. ISM code how many chapters? Name all chapters?
10. “Company should ensure that each ship is manned with qualified, certificated and medically fit seafarers in accordance with national and international requirements”
11. Name the chapter in ism code stating above statement.
13. As a chief officer what action you will take when you find a dent, damage of hole on ship side?
14. Which convention deals with crew welfare and other benefits?
15. What is security level-3 and your duty as chief officer ?
16. List of certificates onboard?
17. As per ISM audit gives what to detain ship ?
18. PSC gives which type of deficiency ?
19. Class gives which type of deficiency ? condition of class
20. When vessel class  is suspended ?
21. How you  know anchor is brought up and tell him about catenary?
22. What is SOx and NOx new discharge criteria?
23. What is hydrant requirement as per SOLAS ?
24. What is lifeboat impact and drop test?
25. what is abandon ship drill requirement ???
26. What is difference between  flag state and Port State?
27. What all things a PSC inspector will check onboard?
28. What are the recent requirement  for lifeboat drills?
29. While in port you  observe fumes coming out from a ventilator fwd. What action as a C/O ?
30. Preparations for dry-dock?.
31. How u make repair list for dry-dock?
32. What all plans required  for dry-docking?
33. Virtual loss of GM in Dry docking & Declivity ?
34. How to order paint?
35. How to calculate the amount of paint required?
36. Load-line under which conventions?
37. what is B 60 ships, 60 means ? how will you  calculate freeboard
38.  Details of load line certificate.
39. Computation of Freeboard and Where to get Tabular Freeboard Value?
40. What will classification society do if they finds out some defect on vessel ?
41. What is annex 1 regulation  14.7 regarding oil filtering systems ?
42. Characteristics of MOB Marker? (MOB Buoy is heavier 4 Kgs so that when released it will take marker along with it)
43. Tests of fire extinguishers on board. periodic inspections & tests required ?
44. List of Plans available on board with special emphasis on lines plans?
45.   Entries in oil record book for cargo?
46. Specific entries in ORB for tank cleaning operations?
47. If class has come on board for some other reasons and identifies some other deficiency will he point out?
48. What is certificate of insurance?
49.  What is CLC fund, who issue this?
50. What is transverse thrust advantage and its limitation?
51. Define categories of chemicals.(x,y,z)?
52.  Discharge criteria of catogery  X  chemicals?
53.   Official log book entries ?
54. Periodic inspection and survey requirement for fixed co2 system onboard?
55. What AOA copy?
56. What is ballast water  management?
57. What is garbage management?


1. Anchor VLCC  vessel in port where many vessels anchored you  have room for anchoring but  your vessel will not be able to turn using your helms and you have tide from stern ,how will you turn your vessel n how u will anchor.
2. What is MLC  2006?
3. Certificates as per ism on board ship n drills frequency on ships as per SOLAS ?
4. Which organizations. issue certificate other than IMO ?
5. IMO makes conventions, is there any other organisation that makes similar conventions?
6. Latest amendments to SOLAS?
7.  Latest amendment to lifejackets?
8. Latest SOLAS requirements  about lifeboat ?
9. Details about cathodic protection and impressed current system?
10. Which ship does not required emergency generator & will have only battery backup ? In cargo ship if accumulator batteries give back up of 18 hours and other condition r satisfied as given in solas, vessel can have battery backup only,
11. How will you implement garbage management plan on a new vessel?
12. What is SEQ  survey in detail ?
13. What is meaning of crew mismanagement?
14. What is garbage discharge criteria?
15.  On crude oil can you carry product ?
16. How will you  prepare 20 yr old tanker for dry-dock ?
17. What you will inspect in propeller and rudder,how they are protected against corrosion?
18.   What is frequency of dry-docking?
19. Your vessel is going to dry dock – what all plans should  you have ready before entering DD?
20. What are jobs and surveys to be carried out in Drydock, except regular jobs, what other jobs are necessarily required to be done specially in drydock ?
21. What jobs you  will need to carry on new ships less than 5 yrs old?
22. What plans you will carry while going for bottom inspection in dry-dock?
23. What is in docking plan and shell expansion plan?
24. When vessel is required to carry out thickness measurement of plates?
25. Limitation of thickness of hull after which surveyor will advice to change the plate?
26. After vessel dry-docked, is it possible to carry out inspection after dock is empty?
27. How peoples in dock carry out bottom hull cleaning?
28. What paints are required to be putted in bottom?
29. What is top coat, and how about the 1st coat?
30. How u will indent for the paint ? shipyard’s paint schedule given to the ship during delivery
31. what are statutory certificates, and mandatory certificates, what is difference?
32. What statutory certificate  required on cargo ship?
33. What do you know about IOPP and ISPP, difference?
34. What basic thing is mentioned in ISPP cert?
35. Will you discharge sewage in port, yes then what is criteria?
36. What things are connected to emergency generator?
37. How about emergency steering, what is functional requirement of emergency steering?
38. How about ETA onboard, what is criteria to carry ETA?
39 What is difference between fwd and aft ETA?
40.   In case power is failed, how ETA can be used?
41. Latest STCW amendments, Are they already in force?? what are the changes?
42. Your vessel is going to enter Piracy Infested areas (Off Somalia coast). How will you prepare a CONTINGENCY PLAN?
43. Where do you have details of various Safety equipment onboard?
44. Ballast Water Convention already enforced or not?
45. Ballast Water treatment plant, what is its function ?
46. What do think ballast water treatment should be done while taking in the ballast or while deballasting ?
47. While loading you are  on deck and in front of you loading arm gives away, Action? How will you contain oil from going overboard?
48.  Life boat broken beyond repair, action?
49.    What is FAL convention and UNCLOS?
50. What are Conditions of class and exemption certificate?
51. Intact stability criteria pass/cargo/timber ship
52.  what are Class requirement  for dry docking?
53. Discuss marpol annex 6?
54. Shipboard training requirements?
55. What are official log book entries?
56.   Details of  STCW conventions?


1. How will you do preparation for SEQ survey?
2. Tell me about pilot boarding arrangements, flags?
3. What are the oil record book entries we do ?
4. What are your duties as C/O  on board?
5. What is foul anchor, with submarine cable- action; hanging off Anchor?
6. Hoe you pass towline to disabled vessel in calm seas and rough weather?
7. What are SOLAS requirements for ETA on oil tankers?
8. Oil overflowing during cargo operation- action as OOW?
9. Preparation for dry dock-stability?
10. A.b. Slaps o.s. What action you will take as chief mate?
11. What all certificates does a ship require to carry ?
12. What preparation you will do for loadline survey?
13. What are the requirements for ETA ?
14. Draw the forward  arrangements?
15. What is the provision given for preventing the chafing of the Chain?
16. How will you berth the ship with the following current ?
17. Which Will be the last line to cast off for a ship at berth, having head Current?
18. What are the recent changes in ?
19. What is statutory certificate?
20. What do you mean by code and convention?
21. Name different certificate which are required by different convention?
22. As per SOLAS what do you mean by ship safety equipment Certificate, ship safety radio equipment certificate, and ship safety construction certificate.
23. As per marpol what do you mean by iopp certificate,
24. Civil-liability certificate, and sewage treatment certificate?
25. As per the load line what do you mean by loadline certificate ,Load line exemption certificate, multiple load line certificate and loadline exemption certificate?
26. As per STCW what is the minimum manning certificate?
27. What do you mean by condition of class? What is its importance?
28. As chief mates what preparation you will do for load line Survey?
29. What is the medetterian mooring?
30. As per the ISPS what is legal procedure for the change of Security level from 1 to 2?
31. What is the testing interval of security alarm?
32. As chief officer what things you will do before ship sail out from dry dock- full description?
33. What is seaworthiness?
34. Is certificate required to get port clearance?
35. 50 miles from shore engine failure, action?
36. PSC on what grounds ship can be detained?
37. What are the plans required for drydock?
38.  What are the PMS for lifting gear ?
39. In what conditions you will discard a wire rope?
40. What is the frequency of drydocking, jobs and surveys to be Carried out in drydock, except regular jobs?
41. What are other jobs necessarily required to be done specially in Drydock?
42. What jobs you will need to carry on new ships less than 5 yrs Old?
43. What plans you will carry while going for bottom inspection in Drydock?
44. What is in docking plan and shell expansion plan?
45. When is vessel required to carry out thickness measurement Of Platestell atleast?
46. One procedure of thickness measurement, limitation of thickness of hull after which surveyor will advice to change the plate, after vessel dry docked?
47. Is it possible to carry out inspection after dock is empty ?
48. How peoples in dock carry out bottom hull cleaning ?
49. What are jobs carried out on anchor, after inspection of Bottom?
50. How about painting, what paints are required to be put in Bottom, what is top coat, and how about the 1st coat?
51. How you will indent for the paint ?
52. What are statutory certificates and mandatory certificates?
53. What is difference, what statutory certificate required on cargo ship?
54. What do you know about IOPP and ISPP difference?
55. What basic thing is mentioned in ISPP certificate?
56. Will you discharge sewage in port, yes then what is criteria ?
57. How about MLC 06, what is difference its going to make in future, who mended MLC, what is in MLC, is MLC came into force?
58. What things are connected to emergency generator?
59. How about emergency steering, what is functional requirement of emergency steering?
60. How about ETA onboard, what are criteria to carry eta?
61. What is difference between fwd and aft eta in case power is failed, how ETA can be used?
62. Which certificate does not have any validity?
63. Which ship has you done?
64. What are the statutory certificates on a chemical tanker ?
65. As chief officer u come to know next port security level 2 , your Actions how will you prepare ur crew, staff, officers, inform which authorities?
66. What’s the role of DP ?
67. What preparation you will do for vessel for loadline survey?
68. What to check in sounding pipes for abv?
69. How much striker plate thickness allowance?
70. Preparation as chief officer just before flooding the dry dock and taking the ship?
71. Vessel is drifting towards shore in bad weather engine fail emergency, your actions , how to use anchor to stop drifting?
72. What is the running moor and standing moor diff between two of them?
73. What is the purpose of open moor?
74. What are the contents of chain register?
75. Name anyone statutory certificate? Who issues it? Validity and When is it issued to the ship?
76. What are the various types of blocks in a dry dock?
77. What is enhanced survey program; for which ships? Details of the inspections?
78. PMS – is it a company procedure or ism procedure; what’s the Relation?
79. If ism then where and what is given in ism regarding PMS Procedures?
80. What is “dredging of anchor” “not dragging”?
81. You join a ship as a c/o and you have the vessel’s 1st dry dock  after 5 days? How would you go about preparing the ship?
82. Where can on ship we find the various paint schedules of the Ship, internal, and external paints on the hull?
83. What is latest STCW amendments; are they already in force , What are the changes?
84. What is COF , can you load a cargo without a cof, if yes then How Derive permeability from stowage factor and broken Stowage mathematically?
85. Draft survey calculations, do it on a sheet of paper and drive all the steps?
86. Requirements for loading explosives a passenger ships?
87. Disposal procedures for cat X, Y, Z cargoes, and residues after Washing ?
88. IMO makes conventions, is there any other organisation that makes similar conventions?
89. What other organisations?
90. What convention has ILO made?
91. Your vessel is going to enter piracy infested areas (off Somalia Coast). How will you prepare a contingency plan?
92. Your vessel is going to dry dock – what all plans should you Have ready before entering DD ?
93. How will you prepare vessel for an SEQ survey? Where do you have details of various safety equipment onboard?
94. What is lifeboat requirement for cargo vessel and passenger Vessel?
95. What is bilge keel where and why is it fitted?
96. What is COC and who issues if your anchor is gone, can you get COC if Your gangway is gone can you get COC ?
97.  Which statutory certificates have no expiry?
98. During drydock what all plans are required explain each plan and what information you get from each ?
99. What is annex 6 and other than sox and nox what other gasses are there?
100. What is ballast water management?
101. Your crew disobedience what action; which act?
102. If TSS  is to be implemented who can do in india tell entire Procedure?
103. Certificate on bulk carrier; statutory cert.
104. What is HSSC  and  all about it?
105. 3 year old ships; routine work in dry dock no repair work?
106. One shackle of anchor chain is completely wasted and not available in dry dock or port, what will you do?
107. Difference in pumping and piping arrangements of chemical and oil Tankers?
108. What is cargo ship safety certificate?
109. What type of tanks in chemical tankers – how to decide on Coating of mild steel tank insides?
110. How to order for paint in dry dock?
111. Who decides wether to have one cargo ship safety cert. Or three ?
112. Different certificates; safety construction, safety equipment and safety radio certificate?
113. What is the statutory certificate?
114. What is ballast water management?
115. Tell me about FSS code & its content?
116. Riding on anchor and moor on anchor means?
117. What is the chain register?
118. What is the critical period?
119. Some of from ISPS, list out name of country participating in Patrol in somalian water?
120. What is PSC inspection?
121. What are the latest STCW amendments?
122. What is the manila amendments?
123. What is riding on anchors and moored on anchors, difference?
124. What is foundering?
125. What is there in ballast water management plan?
126. What are the official logbook entries?
127. What is the ETA strengthening requirement?
128. Have you seen chain register / what is written on chain register as per which requirement chain register are necessary/what is there in it?
129. What is FSS  code, that is there in it?
130. Tell me about the international shore connections?
131. Can we discharge sewage 0.5 nm from land, regulation number?
132. E/R  bilge discharge criteria, regulation number?
133. What is BI  party and tri – party agreement?
134. What  is bi-party or tri-party ?
135. Statutory certificate is derating stat. Cert as per which Convention is it ?
136. Discharge criteria of machinery Bilge in baltic any difference  in the special and Outside spl area?
137. What is the CLC certificate ?
138. AOA bi-party and tri-party agreement?
139. Can you discharge engine room bilge in special area?
140. You have water in slop tank can you discharge it? How?
141. Can you discharge sewage? Any special area?
142. Can you discharge sewage within 1 nm from shore?
143. What certificate passenger ship carry? What is STP ?
144. What is statutory certificate ?
145. What is CLC ?
146. What is annex 6?
147. What are the SOx, NOx regulation and disharge criteria and what effect to Environments?
148. What is other gases depleting ozone layer?
149. Can you discharge sewage within 1 nm from shore?
150. Pivot point in detail?
151. Does de-ratting is a statutory certificate, can ship sail without de-ratting?
152. Who issue the medical chest certificate?
153. Machinery space bilges discharge criteria in special area ?
154. Class is required as per what regulation?
155. What is the medicine chest certificate, who issues as per what Regulation??
156. Which all ships don’t require oil record book?
157. What are all entries made in orb regarding
158. Ballasting/deballasting ?
159. LSA  requirement for passenger ships on short international voyage of Length 150 mt ?
160. How will you confirm anchor chain wasted?
161. SAR coordination book to be carried on which are all ships?
162. What is boiling over?
163. What are the sizes of nozzles on board and locations/dia of fire hose and latest regulation  by DG regarding fire hose?
164. What are the duties of CHIEF OFFICER  as per stcw’95?
165. What action you will take against a seaman, involved in?
166. An offence against discipline?
167. What information  do you get from capacity plan?
168. What kind of lifeboats should be there on bulk-carriers?( SOLAS Ammendments)?
169. How will you clear a foul anchor?


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