Safety Oral (FUNCTION – 03)


1.What is SCBA Pressure Testing Befor Use?
2.What are the certificate displayed on CCR & Bridge…different surveys related to that and Validity of all these certificates?? Certificates displayed on bridge. and validity of few according to him safe manning certificates have 2 years validity he asked me that your safety construction certificate have a life boat capacity of 38persons..can u carry 40 persons on board (in any condition)?
3.He asked which certificate is mother of all? safety management certificate.
4.why Mediterranean sea is a special area?
5.Discharge criteria for garbage?
6.Discharge criteria for oil?
7.What all cases you will issue note of protest ?
8.If crew is not willing to work,action?
9.Requirements for dry dock ?
10.Function of HRU ? In which depth it works? Chp III Reg 20.9, 31.3
11.L/R launching and working procedure – Chapter III reg 23, 33
12.PX ship life boat req – chapter III reg 21 & 31.
13.Pyrotechnic on board – Chp III Reg 6.3 (He may confuse u with Rockt par & LTA)
14.what is difference between Convention And Protocol?


1.what is certificate A in a STP ship?
2.What is a statutory certificate?
3. SOLAS requirement of Pax ship on international voyage?

20.What is the meaning of Special Area?


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