What is Pilot Card and its detail?

MV/MT : Call Sign:  Year Built:  Port: 
SDWT : Disp: GRT: NRT:
Draft F:             Draft A:  Maximum air draft   50.51  M
LOA: Breadth: Bulbous bow: O
Anchor chain length: Port:          shackles Stbd:            shackles
Parallelbody length: Loaded:_______   M Ballast  : ________     M
Bow to centre manifold: NA m Bridge to bow:    m Manifold to W/L: ___ ____m

pilot card

Type of engine:
Maximum power:
Propeller:     L              R
Speed (Kts)
Engine order RPM Loaded Ballast Time limit astern:
Full ahead 58     Max No of consecutive starts:
Half ahead 42   7.3 Full ahead to full astern:
Slow ahead 32     Min RPM: Speed: Kts:
Dead slow ahd: 25     Astern power:
Dead slow astern 25 Steering particulars
Slow astern 32 Type of rudder: UNDER SLUNG Maximum rudder angle: 35O  deg
Half Astern 42 Hard over  to hard over 35deg : 27  sec Rudder angle for neutral effect: __0__deg
Full Astern 58 Hard over to hard over 45deg: __N/A_ sec Bow thrusters:
Emer full astern   No of units operating Stern thrusters:
Critical RPM 45-55
Equip to test Yes No Speed log Yes No Strg gear Yes No Indicators Yes No
Anchors ü Doppler ü Strg gear ü Rudder ü
Radar 3cm ü Dual axis ü RPM ü
Radar 10cm N/A N/A Ground speed ü Rate of turn ü
ARPA ü E.M. Log   ü  
Whistle ü VHF ü Gyro comp ü Elec pos fix ü
Telegraph ü Channel monitored:  09/71/16 Latest gyro error

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