Checklist for crude oil washing

Crude Oil Washing Checklist:

Pre – Arrival Checklist:

Vessel Name:_________________         Port:                                                  Date:_______________

1.        Has the terminal been notified. Y/N
2.        Has the oxygen analysing equipment been tested and working satisfactorily. Y/N
3.        Is tank washing pipeline system isolated from the water heater and E/R system. Y/N
4.        Are all hydrant valves on the tank washing line blanked. Y/N
5.        Are all valves to fixed tank washing machines shut. Y/N
6.        Has the tank cleaning line been pressurized to the required maximum working pressure and leakages made good. Y/N
7.        Have drive units for tank washing machines been inspected. Y/N
8.        Have pressure gauges on the discharge line, manifold, and tank cleaning main been checked. Y/N
9.        Has communication system been checked and tested. Y/N
10.    Has the stripping system monitoring equipment been checked. Y/N
11.    Has the organisation plan been drawn up and posted with duties and responsibilities defined. Y/N
12.    Has the Discharge / COW operation plan been drawn up and posted. Y/N
13.    Has the terminals standard radio checklist, been completed and transmitted. Y/
Crude Oil Washing Checklist

Before Crude Oil Washing Checklist

Vessel Name:_________________         Port:                                             Date:_______________

1.    Are all pre arrival checks and conditions completed. Y/N
2.    Has Discharge / COW operations been discussed with both ship and shore staff and is the agreed plan readily available for easy reference. Y/N
3.    Has communication link between the Deck / Control room and Control room / Shore been set up and working satisfactorily. Y/N
4.    Have Crude Oil Wash abort conditions and procedures been discussed and agreed by both Ship and Shore staff. Y/N
5.    Have fixed and portable oxygen analysers been checked and working properly. Y/N
6.    Is the I.G. system working properly and is the oxygen content of the delivered I.G. bellow 5% by volume. Y/N
7.    Is oxygen contents of the tanks to be Crude Oil Washed bellow 5% by volume as verified by the officer incharge. Y/N
8.    Have all cargo tanks got a positive I.G. pressure. Y/N
9.    Has a responsible person been assigned to check all the deck lines for leak as soon as washing starts. Y/N
10.    Are the fixed machines set for the required washing cycle. Y/N
11.    Have valves and lines for COW operations both on deck and in pump room been checked. Y/N
Crude Oil Washing Checklist

During Crude Oil Washing Checklist

Vessel Name:_________________         Port:                                             Date:_______________

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