Stability – I : Chapter 5

A ship of 16000t displacement and TPC is 20 floating in SW at a draft of 8.0m . Find her draft in FW .


Displacement (W) = 16000 t
TPC = 20 & SW draft = 8.0m

We know that:

Displacement when in SW = ( L X B x draft) x  1.025
Displacement when in FW  =( L X B X D) x 1

It is understood that displacement of ship will remain constant , as displacement is independent of change in density ,(is referred as MASS).

So, (L x B x 8) x 1.025 =  (L x B x draft) x 1
Hence draft  = ( 8 x 1.025)
= 8.2 m

2nd  Method :

As we know that

FWA = (W/40TPC)
= 16000/(40 x 20)
= 20cm

We can calculated:

Change in draft = 

(Change in RD )x(FWA)

= (1.025 – 1) x 20 / 0.025
= 20c

So new draft of ship in FW = (8.0 +0.2)
= 8.2 m

  1. A ship goes from water of RD 1.008 to SW. Find the change in  draft , if her FWA is 180mm, and state whether  it would be sinkage or rise.
Solution :

FWA = 180mm = 18cm

We can calculate :

Change in draft = 

(Change in RD )x(FWA)

= (1.008 – 1.025 ) x 18 / 0.025
=(0.017 x 18)/0.025
= 12.24c
= 0.12m

Here , Change in draft is  0.122m and it will be rise.

  1. A vessel goes from water of RD 1.010 to FW. If her FWA is 160mm, State whether she would sink or rise and by how much.
Solution :

FWA = 160mm = 16cm

We can calculate:

Change in draft = 

(Change in RD )x(FWA)

= (1.010 – 1)x 16 /0.025
= 0.01 x 16 /0.025
= 6.4 cm
= 0.064 m

Here change in draft would lead to sinkage.

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  • A ship loads in fresh water to her salt water marks and proceeds along a
    river to a second port consuming 20 tonnes of bunkers. At the second port,
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