Navigational Oral (FUNCTION – 01)

Oral Questions of Navigation (FUNCTION -1)

The following questions came from candidates right after they had finished their oral exam.

1. Your vessel is drifting, another outbound vessel is on collision course,what is your action?
2.  what is Heeling error and its correction.
3. Quote Rule 19(d) in detail.
4.  Explain entire procedure of Weather routing.
5. what is difference between climatological and weather routing?
6. Explain TRS in detail with its warning signal and discus why there is NO TRS at equator ?
7.  why  TRS  move westerly near equator ?
8. Draw lights for 50m long ship pushing 150m long vessel not ragidly connected ?
9. what are the details in wind rose and information you get from wind rose ?


How to go about with weather routeing? How you will do thw Wx rt. if the ship is sailing in a new area and there are no sister vessels and no data available with company and the ship has no sip performance curve?
11. You are on tanker in open sea and the master has asked to stop engines and then he gives you watch and says just keep drifting , no orders for next port? what will you do on watch
12.  Details of routeing chart.
13. Be well prepared for if the last surveyor has put any comment as he checks and definately makes a point to check that you have covered that.
14. Define and explain COLREG  annex 1 ,  vertical
15. Your master sick, vessel transiting from England to Canada in the month of april, assist master in making a passage plan.
16. Narrow channel restricted visibility,  overtaking possible,  What are sound signals ?
17.  Cross questions on great circle & composite GC sailing.
18.   Questions on international ice patrol & ice limits
19. What is wind rose explain in detail ?
20. Your vessel is at open sea and main engine fail , No master , take action ?
21. ROR situation relating it with function 3 finally .
22. Can u overtake in Narrow channel ?
23. what is aclinic line. Magnetic equator, an imaginary line near the Equator, where a compass needle balances horizontally, the attraction of the north and south magnetic poles being equal.this must be correct answer of aclinic line.
24. Your vessel ran aground on a muddy ground, later @ high tide refloated & berthed, Master first time in command seeking your advice. what will you advice him as a mate?( doesn’t want to listen about actions after grounding, like checking soundings, and tank inspections) he asked what will u do before discharging cargo?
25. lights of a towing vessel ?( only one question from ROR)
26. you are in open sea and suddenly visibility detoriates, master unavailable, what is your action as chief officer?
27. positioning n specifications of NUC lights
28. In RV engine failed, master still unavailable, what is action as chief officer ?
29. what are specifications of RAM lights ?
30. How do you determine whether it is a close quarter situation or not , surveyor asked to quote rule 7 ?
31. what is RV  situation and asked to explain ROR regarding ROR ?
32. Determination of RHSC  in northern hemisphere?
33. Avoiding action for TRS ?
34. What is ARPA  requirements for ships ?
35. what is WIG craft (definition)?
36. Lights by a WIG craft when underway ?
37. Lights by a pushing vessel (length 50 mtrs.) and vessel being pushed 150 mtrs ?
38. Draw wind rose and explain ?
39. What is Isallobar?
40. How to do weather routeing onboard?
41. Identify the vessel Range 6′, What action will you take?

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