Navigational Oral (FUNCTION – 01)




42. Spacing of Masthead lights & sidelights. 43. Narrow Channel situation. 44. What is weather routing and how you do it ? 45. Types of prognosis reports ?             46. what are correction and why correction applied for polarize , Surveyor asked for detail description? 47. Names of ocean current in North Atlantic with detail description ? 48. Master sick planning to go from UK to Canada, What all you will do before reporting him that Vessel is ready for sail ?              49. what is difference between Fishing trawler light when underway  and when making way ? 50. what is TRS curves explain  and why not formation in Arabian sea ? 51. you  are in UK  subcontinent and bound for some port in east USA coast your  master is  sick, After receiving the order what all info you will pass on to master including the passage plan.
1. What is GMT & GAT?
2. Why GAT is called apparent?
3. How to make gyro north seeking?
4. Situation- 1 v/l port side 7 mile, What is your action?
5. RAM port side, what is your action?
6. Define angle of in draft, geostrophic wind and crossquestions?
7.     LRIT functioning & requirement?
8.     what is transverse thrust?
9.     what is precession of equinox?
10. How you will suspect a trs/ action in detail?
11. In RV which vessel is to give way in crossing situation?
12. what is SHA/ RA/ GAT/ LAT?
13.   Define BNWAS?
14. what is buoys ballots law?
15. RV vessel on ur port bow,CPA zero , action  as per which rule?

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