1. On 23rd Sept 1992, at about 0019 at ship in DR 360 08’S 780 50’W, SATURN bore 2860(C). If ship’s time difference was 5h from GMT and if variation was 30W, find the deviation.
Solution –1A
  1. On 1st May 1992, AM at ship in DR 400 26’N 600 40’E , Mars bore 0960(C) at 11h 51m 14s by chron (error 04m 06s slow). Variation was 3.70 Calculate the deviation of the compass.
Solution –2A 2B
  1. On 18th Jan 1992, in DR 000 00’ 620 40’E, VENUS bore 1200(C) at 0310 ship’s time (4h from GMT). If variation was 20W, find the compass error and the deviation.
Solution –3A 3B



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    I have one question about no.3 solution. How the quadrantal azimuth was converted to true azimuth?

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