Navigation Oral (FUNCTION –1)

Oral Questions of Navigation (FUNCTION -1)


The following questions came from candidates right after they had finished their oral exam.
Function -1
1 What is amplitude?
2 What is isogonic chart?
3 What is BNWAS, ECDIS requirements & performance standards?
4 What are the maintenance of Magnetic compass?
5 What are neap tides?
6 What are spring tides?
7 Why are we required to know about them during our passage planning?
8 What are cardinal marks & their characteristics?
9 What is INSPIRE & where is It’s headquarter? Indian Ship Position & Information Reporting System
10 What are the meteorological equipments on bridge?
11 What is passage planning?
12 Sailing in navarea 3 to 4 suddenly voyage order changes to NAV Area 5. 
13 What action will you take after sending false alert on HF?
14 What is the procedure to log distress alert?
15 What are the corrections of chart catalogue & how to do it & which section of NTM will u find it? 
16 Define tactical diameter & transfer?
17 How many navareas? How will you select stations on navtex? How will you get navigational warnings outside navareas when you have lost all satellite antennas?
18 Which ALRS volume contains the details of racons? 
19 How to correct ASD in detail?
20 What are the precautions while using GPS Fix at sea not in coastal waters?
21 How will you check performance
22 What is the proper meaning of word impede?
23 What is annex 4 distress signal in detail?
24 What is your action on hearing fog signal?
25 Gyro fails action?
26 What is range of NUC light? 3 miles
27 MOB on port side, action?
28 Describe all the 4 annexes.
29 What is the diameter of ball? 
30 What are the safe water marks, lateral marks & isolated danger marks?
31 What is the significance of each type of buoy?
32 What is barometric tendency & its significance?
33 How we will know ASD is upto date or not?
34 What is the purpose of INTERCO?
35 What is answering pennant?
36 Make a wind rose diagram
37 How will you determine iceberg in your locality during day & night?
38 What are routing chart details?
39 What changes you will make in navtex?
40 what precaution regarding UKC to be kept in mind while planning passage .?
41 what is static and dynamic draft?
42  what was your company’s UKC policy?
43 what is steering tests prior departure
44 what do you mean by gyro error LOW or HIGH
45 one simple numerical about deviation,variation and compass error
46 Definition of crossing situations?
49 what is safetyNET
50 pdv( POWER DRIVEN VESSEL) underway lights
51 how will you determine if risk of collision exits, without using radar
52 what is minimum CPA required  to avoid close quater situation
53 circumstances for calling master
54 O/T situation, give way vl not taking action?
55 CBD light and shapes underway, RAM defnitions.  brief TSS
56 what is lateral marks, isolated danger marks? Regions
57 what is Bridge control tests prior departure.
58 how to do steering tests?
59 how to find compass,gyro errors
60 when approching pilot station within ITZ
61 trawler,fishing vl,pilot vessel lights and shapes
62 what is RAdio medical advise  and message to prepare?
63  From where we get the list of medicine required to carry onboard?
64 Fire in galley you are  incharge,what is your  actions?
65 what is  Relative bearing?
66 define a vessel NUC, RAM, CBD & their lights.
67 define safe speed
68  quote rule 5,6,19 & situations on the same rules 
69 what is Region A & B  as per IALA buoyage
70 what is cardinal marks, isolated danger marks, fairway buoy.
71 where to keep red buoy when sailing out from bombay.
72 how to correct charts which is not corrected for last 3 years
73 what are errors of magnetic  compass
74 what do you understand by gyro error 1 degree high.
75 what is squat and its effect on ships
76 what is Notices to mariners and  ALRS.
77 prepare muster list for abandon ship (to assign duties)
78 when to call master.
79 when Radar not working, how to keep a proper lookout.
80 emergency – engine breakdown , what is your actions 
81 what are factors affecting UKC
82 what is CPA &  Is  0.2 nm a safe CPA.
83 own vsl CBD, narrow channel, NUC vessel is  right ahead, what is your action.
84 what is responsibility of CBD as per rule 18.
85 when you lowering boat with three person and you are incharge.
86 action when engine failure while navigation 25 nm away from land.
87 muster list contents , draw roughy and show 
88 define celestrial sphere, amplitude, azimuth , sextant error.
89 light show by NUC  vessel while underway,making way and at anchor.
90 what is  medical reporting produre and where station is located
91 compass error calculate when gyro  course 143 deg, compass course 148deg, gyro  error 2 deg high,
92 variation  2 deg west ( annually 2 min increasing to west from 1982) gyro  bearing 123, find deviation ,stb compass bearing.
93 IN ROR only situation overtaking. R.v overtaking..
94  you  are  taking delivery of new ship how will you implement garbage management plan on board .
95 As a 2nd officer what will you  take over in medicine part .
96 vessel towing 3 vessels along side what lights it will show.
97 what do you mean by ordinary practice of seamen in rule no. 2
98 you r taking delivery of new ship how will u implement garbage management plan on board .
99 As a 2nd officer wat will u take over in medicine part .
100 vessel towing 3 vessels along side wat lights it will show.
101 what do you mean by ordinary practice of seamen in rule no. 2
102 action in RV one vessel fwd of beam port side and another is taking over stbd side action.
103 quote rule no.5, and meaning of all available  mean & chart symbol for works different types of work.
104 headon sitiation action ,radar plotting,all cardinal marks n falshing duration.u r overtaking in tss suddenly that vl altered co towards u action
105 action in RV one vessel fwd of beam port side and another is taking over stbd side action.
106 code rule no.5,meaning of all avai means.chart simble for wks diff types of wk.
107 New danger mark,special mark,isolated danger.preffered channel buoys of region a and b 9.
108  IAMSAR manuals and purpose of vol3  and whart are raster and vector charts
109  what is data available in dynamic data of AIS
110 when to call master and what actions to be taken if its RV 
111 how to determine visibility is detoriating in night.
112 action to be taken if person falls overboard.
113 what is advance,tactical dia and tranfer what are the imo requirements for that?
114 wht is ‘c’ correction in sights and  how will you take a sight
115 action to be taken whn you see a white  light.
116 what will you do when you find the diffrence between your actual position by your GPS and sight has an error of 50Nm
117 how will you determine the waypoints and  wheelover points while altering course on a chart.
118 what is prefered channel to stbd (draw) in region A and  where will you place the bouy
119 contents of roeuting guide mand ocean passages of the world
120 few cards also and regrding NUC and vessel AGROUND
121 How to file T and P
122 You have a chart corrected till 2010 jan, procedure to check if its corrected up to date, if not , how will you correct. Reason for your answer.
123 course 180 sighted south cardinal bouy right ahead,action. Light of south cardinal buoy
124 How often is the survey of medical chest on board carried out?
125 How many GPS you had on board?
126  Difference between GPS andDGPS and Errors of GPS.
127 When do you do stearing gear test. What all is checked. Required capability of stearing gear
128 what is iamsar manuals and purpose of vol3 
129 whart are raster and vector charts. ECS and Ecdis difference.
130 how many sight you can take in the morning,
131  whats the limit for ex- meridian sight ,
132  when is difficult to take merpass. Sights and  auto pilot testing interval
133 Quote Rule 9, 13, 15..
134 what is Gyro error and  hw will you take in normal forecast & overcast..
135 what is muster list preparation..
136 how to approach TRS..
137 what is Navtex settings.
138 what is EGC messages.
139 difference between clearing mark & clearing bearing..
140 what is great circle sailing.
141 Quote Rule 9, 13, 15..
142 what is Gyro error and  how will you  take in normal forecast & overcast..
143 how muster list preparation..
144 how to approach TRS..
145 what is  Navtex settings..
146 what is EGC messages..
147 difference between clearing mark & clearing bearing..
148 what is great circle sailing.
149 what is cardinal marks and preferred channel buoys 
150 what information you  get from ARPA 
151 on a paper showed various targets with their relative vector on ppi.identify situationas.
152 draw wreck dangerous for surface navigation
153 draw pilot boarding station
154 whts P.I. ? explain how to use it correctly?
155 few more questions which i dont remember 
156 how many sight u can take in the morning
157 whts the limit for ex- meridian sight
158 Ship is Stopped initailly, Now rudder 10 degrees to port, engines dead slow ahead, where stern and bow will swing?
159 ROR cards n situation..restricted visibility, both cases RADAR operational n inoperational u r duty officer u heard 1 prolonged blast on port bow. Action?(rule 19d 1 n 2)
160 how to obtain noon position by sun full plotting only floating(lond by chron and merpass), why pl is N-S in morning n E-W at MERPASS
161 what is eco sounder and RADAR principle , working, limitations
162 why gyro compass fails at higher latitude?
163 what is  MERSAS and IAMSAR.
164 Ship draft 17 mtrs , you are approaching 20 mtrs depth,,,what effects ship will experience?
165 methods of obtaining compass error  and explaination on transit bearings
166 what is Fog signals
167 what do you mean by routine charts and  pilot chart ? how many volumes?
168 what is ON  the arc and  OFF  the arc in sextant means?
169 what is sextant altitute of polaris?
170 what is procedure of chart correction?
171 what is fairway buoy? and its use?which side you  willl keep this?
172 what is isolated danger mark ? its top mark ? rhythem
173 what is AMVER and its use?
174  what is inspires and its limit?
175 To avoid a chocked hat  ,what should be angle b/w lighthouses?
176 preacautions in narrow channel?
177 what is phasing and ranging in echo sounder
178 what do you mean by deviation card and how will you prepare it ?
179 difference between barograph and barometer?
180 which method should prefer for sight calculation at morning? and why?
181 what do you get after taking sight? and your next plan?
182 how will you transfer your position from one chart to another chart?
183 what is safe water mark,region A, B buoys?its use ,shape,light,and colour?
184 wreck not danger for navigation ,how much distance u will keep from this?
185 how do you do a sight calcualtion??
186 how do u know sun at the meridian?
187 how do u know chart has been corrected ?
188 how many volumes in ALRS,how they are name? for a particular area how will u find out a selective volume?
189 what information u will get from chart cataloge?
190 define safe “speed”?
191 what is meridian passage?
192 what is answering pandent? and its use?
193 what do you  mean by moon SD , augmentation,?
194 radar target suddenly disappear ,whts it mean?
195 difference between racon,& becon?
196 explain turning circle? how much advance for a normal vessel?
197 why we need a magnetic deviation card?
198 principle of echo sounder,doppler log and auto pilot?
199 what is distress signal by flag??
200 contents of notice to mariner,cumulative notice and annual notice to mariner?
201 what informatin information from chart catalogue?
202 what is pilots/sailing directions?
203 if you  are in mediterrean sea, which SD u will refer and how will you come to know?
204 how will  you correct aneroid barometer ?who will correct this?
205 what is another name of routiene chart?
206 what do you mean by SART and EPIRB?
207 difference between azimuth and bearing?
208 what do you mean by wind rose?
209 sound signal of dredger,aground vessel,anchored vessel?
210  In poor visibilty when  you are going to encounter in open sea ,no target can u reduce speed?
211 how will you fix ur vsls posn if gps fails?
212 how will you  identify lighthouse?
213 what is flashing,occulting,isophase?
214 how will you  apply rule 5,6,7,8 & 18 onboard?
215 ROR cards for vsl towing more than 50 mtrs in length in RAM condt. and length of tow exceeds 200 mtrs and its day signal and fog signal.
216 card for vessel aground day signal and fog signal and action to be taken if vessel is right ahead.
217 ROR card for PDV more than 50 mtrs in length with port side seen. Action as OOW.
218 Chart symbols for- wreck at which mast only is visible, reporting point, 20 mtrs countour line.
219 contents of mariners handbook.
220 what is a navigable semicircle in a TRS?
221 how will you  take meridian sight? 
222 what are the errors in gyro?
223 what do  you mean by latitude error?
224 What do you mean by compasses compared?
225 great circle sailing from mallaca strait to south Africa
226 composite circle sailing and why you  do composite circle sailing
227 what is routine chart and what information u get from it
228 what is Blind sector in Radar
229 what is sextant  error, and how u will come to know that ur index error is correct
230 if echosounder show two marking one above and one below which one iscorrect .
231 vessel  anchor dragging  action
232 MOB in TSS, what is your  Action
233 which turn you will prefer in baltic williomson single turn or sharnov (failing question)asked nearly 15 situation ( all correct)
234 quote rule 5 and its detail explanations 
235 what is Gnomic chart
236 what is ship routeing and what information we get from it
237 Quote Rule 9, 13, 15..
238 what is Gyro error and  how will  you take in normal forecast & overcast..
239 what does muster list preparation mean.
240 how to approach TRS..
241 Navtex settings..EGC messages..
242 difference between clearing mark & clearing bearing..
243 what is great circle sailing..
244 Lights and of NUC, RAM, Pilot, SV, FV,
245 how do you know about Steering failure?
246 Difference between Long by Chron and merpass?
247 Towing vessel on port bow?
248  qoute Rule 18 and 19 with detail explanation of each paragraph.
249 what is Leading lights?
250 what is IAMSAR and  MERSAR
251 list of Publications on bridge ?
252 Narrow channel Rule?
253 IALA Bouyage system
254 what is meaning of Boxing of compass.
255 explain about intercept method and  mer pass and show diagramatically n write the formula
256 how will you calculate height of tide at secondary port ?write all the steps
257 what is raising of light n how to calculate the raising distance?
258 situation you  are CBD  and NUC  crosing from port side state action? Positiong of lights of nuc (annex 1)
259 you  are  PD vessel open sea ,no traffic you see a trawler right ahead your action? How will you determine she is at anchor n positioning of her lights?
260 you  heard  4 short blast what does it mean??
261 what is landing signal
262 you  are  approaching a port and your vessel agrounds state your action
263 what is c correction
264 Characteristics, limitations and efficiency of a radar
265 What is north up, co. up, head up mode of radar
266 Aspect and its importance in collision avoidance
267 Speed over ground & speed through water difference,which is to be used for
268 collision avoidance and why?
269 Difference between ECDIS and ENC
270 Wreck with visible mast, wreck dangerous to surface navigation & wreck not dangerous to surface navigation symbols on raster charts
271 How does a wreck marking bUoy look like?
272 Corresponding symbols on an ECDIS of the ones asked above.
273 explain how is speed adjusted in different cond
274 explain  limitation of radar
275  explain why range and bearing discrimination occur
276 explain what are constraints imposed on radar range
277 explain what are the effects of wx on radar
278 what is sea clutter and rain clutter ???
279 you  see  two red light identify and take action
280 towing alongside lights and then action
281 pilot vsl light
282 pilot vsl lght if length more than 50m
283 placement of fwd mast light
284 main mast light
285 what is horrizontal spacing  of lights
286 full annex 1 of ROR
287 how a navtex msg comes
288 how does the msg goes from epirb
289 what is LRIT
290  what is SSAS
291  GMDSS equipments  in area a3
292 what is polar navigation
293 how will you  find direction if magnetic  and gyro compass  are unreliable
294 what is T and P correction and how do you correct it
295 how chart correction is done  when using block
296 how to get radio medical help
297 what is content of ALRS volume
298 what is content of BPG
299 what is leading lights
300 what are methods of finding of gyro error 
301 what is south cardinal mark
302 passage planning from mumbai to Southampton
303 what are navtex frequencies and  what does ZCZC mean
304 what is long by chron  and  lat by mer.alt
305 own vessel NUC  in TSS  and CBD  crossing  4nm from port side not taking any action // what is your anchor
306 action,shallow patch on stbd action
307 own vessel  PD  another PD  vessel crossing from stbd in tss //  what is your action
308 what is anchorage area in malacca strait and  action?
309 In RV  situation , heard 4 short blasts action
310 what is difference  between  noon sight and noon position
311 what is spring and neap tides
312 In ROR  card ,stbd lateral mark IALA b ( draw)
313 what is search patterns  and  their pros N cons
314 what is  responsibilities of an overtaking vessel.
315 fog signals for anchor and aground vsl.
316  what is limitations of ecdis.
317 you  heard  a fog signal fwd of beam and what is your action??
318 sextant uses..about sextant angles..
319 formula for vertical sextant angle.
320 what  are errors of sextant..and how 2 correct them.
321 when rudder is stuck to  5  degree  to  stbd and what is  your action??
322 steering failure, what is your action??
323 vessel collided  and what is   your action ??
324 what is manouvring characteristics of vessel.
325 what is south west monsoon
326 formation of clouds
327 how  to  correct charts and explain in detail
328 contents of annual summary of notices and cumulative notices
329 what is transverse thrust
330 what is Sextant, principal, errors.
331 Principle of AIS
332 you saw west cardinal mark right ahead and what is action.
333 radar characteristic and deficiencies.
334 how do you  set up navtex??
335 chart symbol.. wreck dangerous to navigation, rock, shallow patch shown on chart
336 arrival port chart for Singapore from chart catalogue.
337 Annual notices to mariner content.
338 isolated danger mark bouy specification.
339 define iso phase, flashing and occulting..
340 main engine failure.. your action as duty officer..
341 ECDIS and ECS difference..
342 Controls of autopilot..
343 what do understand by yawing control.
344 Normal visibility crosing situation 
345 qoute rule 15 and 8(F).
346 what is new danger mark,special mark,isolated danger and preffered channel buoys of region A and B 
347 whart are raster and vector charts
348  when to call master and what actions to be taken if its rv. 
349  how to determine visibility is detoriating in night.
350 action to be taken if person falls overboard.
351 turning circle diagram- what is advance,tactical dia and tranfer what are the imo requirements for that?
361 Make a passage plan from Mumbai to Suez.
362 What information will you receive from your seniors, and how will it help u in making plan?
363 From where will you get information about traffic density in any area?
364 Explain routine chart? 
365 How will you determine position plotting interval
366 Vessel on port bow  and  its action
367 Vessel on stbd quartor , what is action
368 Correct a chart which has not been corrected for long time
369 what is iamsar and  its details ?
370 MOB on stbd side , what is your action ?
371 how radar plotting is done  and gave for a overtaking vsl
372  quote rule 2 , 8 , 10 
373 buoyage & cards (day + night )
374 what was your duties as a cadet
375 How does bearing error occur in a radar?
376 Errors of the echo sounder with explanation?
377 What is SHA,GHA,LHA etc..
378 Why SHA of stars given in almanac and GHAof planets and in case of stars for 3 years
379 Sextant  errors and how will you take a sight(he has a sextant in hiscabin)?
380 can you use the 2010 almanac in 2011 and how?
381 explanation of the corrections applied to the sights?
382 some situations in ROR mainly crossing and overtaking (also in restricted visibility)?
383 quote rule 19  and  rule 6?
384 what is Transverse thrust?
385 handing/taking over watch at sea and also in port?
386 action when entering area of RV ,seeing a  vessel aground?
387 what is horizontal and vertical sectors of navigation  lights?
388 What’s meant by LRIT and  Its need on ships?
389 What is navtex  and Why only for coastal areas?
390 What you will do in mid ocean  for EGC ?
391 What’s meant by the term EGC and  Elaborate and explain.
392 What are  the various examinations conducted under STCW ?
393 what is GMDSS carriage requirements In SEA  area A3.
394 How would you know which satellite your  EGC receiver is locked in on?
395 Explain telemotor system in detail with diagram.
396 Explain buoyage system. Explain cardinal marks. What’s meant by conventional direction of buoyage system?
397 Characterstics and limitations of radar in detail.
398 Narrow channel and you are duty officer what will you  do ?
399 Towing alongside lights and action .
400 what is meaning of Polar navigation..
401 what is Difference between ship having DOC  and without DOC.
402 What is meaning of Tidal diamonds on navigational charts.
403 How does bearing error occur in a radar?
404 Errors of the echo sounder with explanation?
405 What is SHA,GHA,LHA etc..
406 Why SHA of stars given in almanac and GHA of planets and in case of stars for 3 days
407 what are Sextant  errors and how will you  take a sight(he has a sextant in his cabin)?
408 Can you use the 2010 almanac in 2011,how?
409 Explanation of the corrections applied to the sights?
410 Some situations in ROR mainly crossing and overtaking (also in restricted visibility)?
411 What is meaning of Transverse thrust?
412 Handing/taking over watch at sea and also in port?
413 Action when entering area of RV ,seeing a  vessel aground?
414 Horizontal and vertical sectors of navigational lights in details?
416 What is SBM and the mooring operation to SBM ?
417 What are the errors of speed log ?
418 what is Admiralty sailing directions  and information we get from it ?
419 what is Ocean passages of the world .
420 Routeing charts – information obtained and ocean regions covered .
421 what is Synoptic charts .
422  Ways of determining stars in the sky . Star finder – details and how to use ?
423 LRIT – details and functioning and also the location of the LRIT data centre in India ( DG shipping premises , jahaz bhavan , Mumbai )
424 Also the SOLAS Ch V reg regarding which contracting governments  can acquire LRIT information .
425 Different types of charts .
426 Contents of MERSAR , Different search patterns .
427 Difference between azimuth and amplitude with diagram.
428 what is Star Finder, How To Take Sights All Methods,Visible And Sensible Horizon
429 what is  meaning of Ebb and Flood Tide, Neap  and  Spring tide. 
430 A vessel of 100m length, which ran aground in RV ,you have to  go forwrad for the ringing of bell, what will you do ? How to start?
431 What are all the additional precautions you will take into account for determining the safe speed of your vessel with operational RADAR?
432 Show fog signal of a vessel aground by banging on the table?
433 How will you take over watch?
434 Methods of determining compass error?
435 Which method you will prefer azimuth or amplitude? Explain amplitude method.
436 How will you navigate in ice?
437 What is ice patrol?
438 Frequencies of navtex?
439 Explanation of GDOP error.
440 What is your companies UKC policy?
441 Explain the effect of squat and its calculation?
442 ROR situation:- NUC on port bow action?
443 Restricted visibility and your vessel is at anchor what fog signal will you sound?
444 Various fog signals:- PD vessel underway but stopped, pilot vessel, NUC, CBD
445 You are in distress how will you indicate this to other vessels?(Distress signals)
446 What are Various types of fogs?
447 How to predict fog??
448 What is region A and Region B?
449 Safe water mark right ahead in a channel, Take action?
450 CBD on your port Bow, take action?
451 You are overtaking Sailing Vessel whose primarily responsibility to keep out and explain it?
452 How will you determine you are overtaking?
453 how would  you Passage plan KANDLA TO JABELALI
454 what is meaning of Geographical range, nominal range, luminous range.
455 How will you calculate the distance  from the light house whose height is given on ALL?
456 Suppose you havent taken compass error for last four to five days and now you have to alter the course then what all corrections will you apply to the gyro?
457 Suppose you have a cancelled chart onboard and you have to sail on that chart. How will you go about it?
458 What is the requirement of steering gear system??? What are the test you carry out for it?  And what actions you take in case of a steering gear failure??
459 A crossing situation with a shallow patch on stbd….describe ur action?
460 What will you do in event of hearing a fog signal forward of your beam in RV?
461 Principle of a gyro compass?
462 Explain  hazards of high lattiude sailing
463 Plan  a passage from  japan to US(cross  pacific)
464 Publications required  for the passage plan
465 Can own vessel  overtaking  another PDV in TSS
466 Same situaton  in  restricted visibility
467 What are general precuations  in TSS, RV, overtaking
468 Right  ahead three white lights
469 Lights and shapes of  dredger & ram vessel
470 Explain  overtaking  in TSS
471 How will you determine risk of collision?
472 Own vassel CBD, two fishing vessels  on  port  and  STBD bow
473 Gyro falure in open sea – what are actions  and  precautions
474 Leading lights and sectored leading lights and their practical uses (please refer to bridge team management book).
475 Narrow channel gyro and magnetic failure and the pilot wants a heading fast.
476 Pen down everything you know about fishing vessels including lights shapes flags type of nets light positioning and sound signals.
477 Open seas and vessel 4 points on port bow, starboard quarter action.
478 Close quarter situation and then collision, give detailed action.
479 Give an example of an actual emergency on board.
480 what are Contents of INTERCO
481 Audible ranges for vessels of different length.
482 What are signal for a vessel aground in restricted visiblity.
483 Vertical and horizontal positioning of lights of vessels more than 100 metres in length.
484 Is there any rule that says that the stern light must be in the fore and aft centre line of the ship.
485 Sound signal for overtaking another vessel from the starboard side in a narrow channel.
486 What is safe speed also explain characteristics efficiency and limitations of radar and also constraints imposed by the radar range scale in use.
487 what is  turning ability & stopping distance with respect to Rule 6.
488 What is isophase and group occulting light.
489 Which vessel will show a yellow light and the characteristics of the same.
490 Pilot vessel more than 50 metres underway, lights.
491 Vertical and horizontal positioning of sidelights for vessel of more than 20 metres in length.
492 What is short and prolonged blast.
493 Vertical and horizontal positioning of a dredgers lights.
494 Lights and characteristics of an air cushioned vessel.
495 What is boxing a compass.
496 Why are two whistles carried on ships and their requirements according to annex ii.
497 Calculate noon position, and which method will you prefer.
498 What are the particulars of south cardinal, safe water and isolated danger buoy.
499 What is conventional direction of buoyage.
500 What are the contents of weekly notices to mariners.
501 Will you call master at what atmospheric drop of pressure.
502 Meteorological instruments carried on board.
503 What are weather ships and how are they classified.
504 How will you check the reading of a gold slide and which reading will you take first.
505 Which chapter does distress come under interco.
506 What distress signals would a small wooden boat show.
507 what is MMSI number
508 First thing to do when you enter chartroom / wheelhouse.
509 Effect of speed on turning circle.
510 If a vessel is aground why should an oow. Inform engine room.
511 How do you go about plotting a great-circle course and what are the merits and de-merits.
512 How do you go about correcting various publications, eg. ALRS,ALL and ASD.
513 What is cavitation / transverse thrust.
514 Describe north and west cardinal marks.
515 Duration of prolonged blast / sound signals in narrow channels / signals to attract attention.
516 What signals can be supplimented by light.
517 What are the functional requirements for gmdss as per solas.
518 Horizontal sector of lights.
519 Meaning of combined lantern & when can it be carried.
520 What is Occulting & flashing lights.
521 Why is a starboard turn preferred in ROR?
522 What  are Controls on steering gear systems.
523 Various errors on when a celestial observation is taken.
524 Obtain medical advice by radio.
526 Difference between tide, tidal streams and currents.
527 Lights & fog signals  of vessel aground and action on seeing this vessel.
528 Display lights of  CBD not making way and making way, action on seeing this vessel.
529 Explain everything about roeuting charts.
530 How are loadline zones marked and why.
531 Explain refraction correction for sight reduction.
532 Navigating in the english channel and action upon sighting racon ‘d’ on your radar ppi. In restricted visibility.
533 Controls on steering gear systems with diagram.
534 Various errors on when a celestial observation is taken.
535 how will you Obtain medical advice by radio.
536 Difference between tide, tidal streams and currents.
537 Have you taken any celestial observations; describe procedures for x-meridian, long by chron and intercept methods.
538 Discuss the merits and the demerits of long by chron and intercept; which one would you prefer and why.
539 What is a0, a1, and a2 corrections in a polaris observation.
540 Chart symbols like : shinto shrine, fresh water springs, buddhist temple, unsurveyed coastline, fishing stakes etc.
541 Stranded vessel in sight, action.
542 Action to abandon a vessel.
543 what are Radar characteristics, efficiency and limitations
544 What are Limits of ex-meridian method.
545 what is Stopping distance, head reach and turning circle.
546 Effect of speed on turning circle.
547 If a vessel is aground why should an OOW,  Inform engine room.
548 What is PORT STATE CONTROL and its powers.
549 How do you go about plotting a great-circle course and what are the merits and de-merits.
550 Format for a SITREP report.
551 What is DOPPLER SHIFT and how is this effect applied to the log.
552 How do you go about correcting various publications, eg. Alrs, list of lights, asd, etc
553 What is meaning of cavitation
554 What is a near miss acident.
555 How does EPIRB calculate position  of persons in distress.
556 Pilot vessel more than 100 mts in length lights.
557 Number of SART on board.
558 Ask transmitting station to repeat following.
559 Fog signal forward of beam restricted visibility,what is your action.
560 Correction of ecdis charts.
561 Amver/inspires where will you look for stations to report (ind nm annual issue). Amver type of reports.
562 what is Vertical positioning of masthead & side lights.
563 Position of manoeuvring lights.
564 Sailing vessel  identification.
565 Meaning of combined lantern & when can it be carried.
566 Sailing vessel end on, action.
567 Fishing vessel overtaking you, action.
568 Fishing vessel hampered by gear , what is light of the shown by vessel.
569 OPEN SEA STEERING GEAR FAILURE, what is your action ?
570 Other vessel overtaking ,what is your  action.
571 Why is a starboard turn preferred in ror?
572 what is Turning circle of last ship.
573 How will you ensure all round visibility of rigid replica flag ‘a’.
574 what is Vertical seperation of masthead lights.
575 Variation / deviation definition.
576 Buoyage full including uses and rhythm?
577 Which side you will  pass a safe water mark in narrow channel?
578 Is trawler hav anchor lights?
579 What is day signal for sailing vessel if propelled by machinery?
580 Define RAM  and CBD in detail ?
581 What  all vessel comes under manoeuvering with difficulty?
582 Is towing RAM  then what sound signal by vessel being towed?
583 Vessel aground and NUC @ anchor what is fog signal?
584 In RV If you hear continous ringing of bell what is your action?
585 What is difference between making way and underway?
586 You see a  CBD on port bow in 3Nm range what action you willtake and  by which rule?
587 What is horizontal sector and what is the  cut off range for MH & Side lights given by  IMO .why explain?
588 What is meaning  of  abort point? What precaution you  take prior crossing abort pontt?
589 How will you  calculate wheel over position ? Explain your turning ability in wheel over point?
590 you are fresher  3/o  what instruction you  give for your AB  before posting lookout ?
591 What is scanty information  given by radar explain?
592 Explain difference   between sea & ground stabilization ?
593 Which turn is suitable in rv for mob y nd disavantages of williamson turn?
594 Where will  you  get piracy and armed robbery information ?
595 you are  in offcoast of chennai about 50 Nm and How will you transmit distress ? 
596 What is range of navtex ? How many nav areas and what is place of nav areas in russian federation?
597 Define dew point how it is calculated from wet and dry bulb temp ?
598 Define storm areas?
599 Explain wind rose and what is backing of wind ?
600 Day signal spacing and dimensions of cylinder as per annex of of ROR?
601 What is inshore traffic zone?
602 You are in TSS  and a Fishing Vessel  crossing what is your action? I told its her duty to keep clear but he said he is not keeping clear what is your action …i told to avoid collision  I will enter inshore traffic or separation zone?
603 Define area  A1, A2 , A3 , A4 and duplication in area A4 and navtex emission?
604 How you will ascertain risk of collision exist or not?
605 What is ionisation delay?
606 What information  yow  get from tidal stream atlas and how you use de diamond in charts?
607 Is neap tide  mentioned first or spring tide in tidal stram atlas?
These are the questions that the captain had asked them about the Rules of the Road

Rule 2 Responsibilities

(Q) Define Rule 2-Responsibilities?

(a) That everybody is responsible for any action taken aboard a vessel, and if involved in a collision then both parties are at fault, because the stand-on vessel did not use rule 7 risk of collision and rule 8 Action to avoid collision.

(Q) What is the responsibilities of a skipper on the vessel?

(a) To make sure the vessel is a safe and healthy working environment

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    • Hi Vijesh, the definition of Underway is mentioned very clearly in ROR which says the vessel is underway when she is not at anchor, made fast ashore or aground which clearly means a vessel drifted by current is also underway whereas to be called making way in simple words, as long as the thrust is being generated by the propeller, its making way. In this Case the engine may have been stopped but the propeller may still be rotating. In making way, the wake produced by the propeller can be seen on the surface of the sea.
      In case you have doubts & queries, please drop your question on home page (the option for dropping your question is provided)

    • Underway : Should Not be secured by any means with land
      Making way : Making Headway ( Using propullsion ) or you moving a head by Current/wind with standing

      • @prasanna: Making Way & making headway has little difference. In making way, it does not matter in which direction the ship is heading as long as the movement is because of the propeller thrust. making headway simply means the ship is moving ahead because of the propeller thrust & underway as you rightly said the vessel is not secured with ground, hence it can be drifted by current. To sum up,if a vessel is making way that means for sure it is underway. but if she is underway, its not necessary that she is making way.

    • Making way refers to the vessel is in movement in water. Under way also refers to any time when the vessel is in water, no matter whether the vessel is in movement or stationary in water. It just needs to satisfy the condition ‘not anchored’. It is possible for a vessel to be under way, but not making way.

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