Navigation Oral (FUNCTION –1)

(Q) What are the responsibilities of individuals aboard your vessel?

(a) To make sure their health is good and if they see any dangers then to report them to the skipped

Rule 3 General Definitions

(Q) Describe the term “not under command”?

(a) Means a vessel through some exceptional circumstances is unable to deviate from the course she is following.

(Q) Describe the term” vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre”?

(a) Is a vessel through the nature of her work; she is unable to deviate from her course she is following.

(Q) Describe a “vessel constrained by her draught”?

(a) Is a power-driven vessel, because of her draught in relation to the depth of water she is in, cannot deviate from the course she is following

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    • Hi Vijesh, the definition of Underway is mentioned very clearly in ROR which says the vessel is underway when she is not at anchor, made fast ashore or aground which clearly means a vessel drifted by current is also underway whereas to be called making way in simple words, as long as the thrust is being generated by the propeller, its making way. In this Case the engine may have been stopped but the propeller may still be rotating. In making way, the wake produced by the propeller can be seen on the surface of the sea.
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    • Underway : Should Not be secured by any means with land
      Making way : Making Headway ( Using propullsion ) or you moving a head by Current/wind with standing

      • @prasanna: Making Way & making headway has little difference. In making way, it does not matter in which direction the ship is heading as long as the movement is because of the propeller thrust. making headway simply means the ship is moving ahead because of the propeller thrust & underway as you rightly said the vessel is not secured with ground, hence it can be drifted by current. To sum up,if a vessel is making way that means for sure it is underway. but if she is underway, its not necessary that she is making way.

    • Making way refers to the vessel is in movement in water. Under way also refers to any time when the vessel is in water, no matter whether the vessel is in movement or stationary in water. It just needs to satisfy the condition ‘not anchored’. It is possible for a vessel to be under way, but not making way.

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