Stability – I : Chapter 6

  1. In a vessel of 8800 tonnes displacement and KG 6.2m, 200 tonnes of cargo was loaded in the lower hold 1.7m above the keel. Find the final KG.


Weight = 8800t,
Original KG =6.2m,
Cargo loaded = 200t,
KG = 1.7m

Ship’s weight
8800 t 6.2m 54560tm
(+) 200 load 1.7m Final VM  54900 tm

Final W – 9000 t                                               Final VM  54900 tm

So, we can calculate

Final KG = (Final VM/ Final W)
Final KG = (54900 / 9000)
= 6.1m

Here ‘VM’ stands for vertical moments.

  1. 600 tonnes of cargo were discharged from a vessel from the upper 11m above the keel. In the original KG displacement were 6m and 12600 tonnes, calculate the KG.

Weight =12600 t
Original KG =6m
Cargo discharged  = 600 t,

Cargo discharge 11 m above the keel

Ship’s weight
12,600t   6m 75,600tm
( -) 600t ( discharge) 11m  (-) 6600tm

Final Weight =12000 t                               Final VM =69000tm

We know that :

Final KG         =        (Final VM / Final Weight)

Final  KG         =          ( 69,000 / 12000)

= 5.75m

  1. In a vessel of 9900 tonnes displacement and KG 4m, a heavy lift of 100 tonnes is loaded on the UD (KG 15m ). Find the final KG.
Ship’s weight
12,600t    4m 39,600tm
(+)100 t  load  15m  ( +)1500tm

Final W 10000t                                             Final VM =41000tm

We know that:

Final KG         =        (Final VM / Final Weight)
Final KG        =   ( 41000 / 10000 )
=   4.11m.

  1. 500 tonnes of cargo of discharge from the lower the lower hold (KG 3m ) of a vessel whose displacement and KG before discharging were 11500 tonnes and 6.3m . Find the final KG.


Weight = 11500t
Initial KG = 6.3m
Cargo discharged = 500t, KG =3m

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