Stability – I : Chapter 6

  1. In a vessel of 8800 tonnes displacement and KG 6.2m, 200 tonnes of cargo was loaded in the lower hold 1.7m above the keel. Find the final KG.


Weight = 8800t,
Original KG =6.2m,
Cargo loaded = 200t,
KG = 1.7m

Ship’s weight
8800 t 6.2m 54560tm
(+) 200 load 1.7m Final VM  54900 tm

Final W – 9000 t                                               Final VM  54900 tm

So, we can calculate

Final KG = (Final VM/ Final W)
Final KG = (54900 / 9000)
= 6.1m

Here ‘VM’ stands for vertical moments.

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