What is Ship Shore Safety checklist for tankers ?

Structure of Checklist and Coding of Items

The safety of operation requires that all relevant statements are considered and the associated responsibility and accountability for compliance is accepted, either jointly or singly. Where either party is not prepared to accept an assigned accountability, a comment must be made in the ‘Remarks’ column and due consideration should be given to assessing whether operations can proceed.

Where a particular item is considered to be not applicable to the ship, the terminal or to the planned operation, a note to this effect should be entered in the ‘Remarks’ column.

The presence of the letters ‘A’, ‘P’ or ‘R’ in the column entitled ‘Code’ indicates the following:

A  :-  (‘Agreement’). This indicates that the referenced consideration should be addressed by an agreement or procedure that should be identified in the ‘Remarks’ column of the Check List, or communicated in some other mutually acceptable form.

P :-   (‘Permission’). In the case of a negative answer to the statements coded ‘P’, no operations are to be conducted without the written permission from the appropriate authority.

R :-   (‘Re-check’). This indicates items to be re-checked at appropriate intervals, as agreed between both parties and stated in the declaration.

The joint declaration should not be signed until all parties have checked and accepted their assigned responsibilities and accountabilities.

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