What are checks carried out prior to departure of ship ?

Port :                     Date :                        Time :            
AIS correctly programmed   Position cross checked by two independent sources  
Correct VHF channels selected   Bridge Comms, internal, external and portable tested  
Master-Pilot Information Exchange Form completed   Speed Log operational and properly set  
Bridge / Engine Telegraph Tested , RPM Indicators checked   GMDSS station correctly programmed  
Propeller and rudder clear of obstructions   Whistles/Fog bell/Gong Sysytem operational  
Gyro alignment checked and gyro repeater & inputs checked   Aldis Lamp / Battery operational  
Radar operational Route Entered / Mapping on the screen   Navigation / anchor / Christmas tree lights operational and associated alarms tested.  
GPS position cross checked,  Way Points enteredDatum Shift Noted.   Fire Detection and Cargo/Gas Alarm switched to the Bridge (if applicable)  
Required flags, lights shapes available   All clocks and time recorders synchronised  
Echo Sounder, Course Recorder, Telegraph printer recording accurately and time input checked and annotated   Window wiper/Clear view screens Operational  
Berth to berth passage plan prepared and available. Voyage charts prepared and available.   Notice Given to Engine room  
Danger Areas / No-Go Area’s / Abort points / Contingency plans highlighted on the chart   Helmsman on the bridge  
Parallel Indexing / mapping on the radar and charts as per Passage Plan   Embarkation/Dis-embarkation arrangements ready  
Planned use of Visual bearings, Radar ranges, clearing bearings and transits   PA announcement made for all vistors to depart the vessel /All Ships crew on board  
Advice and recommendations of Sailing Directions and ALRS Vol 6  immediately available   Security & Stowaway checks conducted.  
Nautical publications available (ALRS, ALL & ATT)   All relevant Checklist/Logs filled up  
Tidal heights and streams understood and highlighted on chart   Power for deck Machinery available /                              Deck Water ,Deck Air available  
Sufficient UKC / Air draught (corrected for squat, rolling, pitching) Position cross checked by independent sources   Cargo & Cargo Handling Gear Secured  
Weather forecast and current visibility assessed   All tank/hull openings secured and watertight  
Radar set up correctly (Route, PM, Scale, gain, clutter, stabilisation, CPA & TCPA alarms) / Position cross checked by independent sources   Stability & Draught Information available  
ECDIS set up correctly, route loaded & checked, Charts corrected, memory function enabled Position cross checked by independent sources   All concerened personnel adequately rested  
STEERING GEAR CHECKS  ( 12 Hrs Prior Departure ) Date :                 Time :
Engineer present in S/G Flat during tests   All Indicator lamps and alarms  working correctly  
S/G Flat gyro aligned & Communications tested   Hand steering, NFU,Auto Pilot  tested Using One /Both  motors  
Rudder Indicator operational & Accurate      


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