What are checks carried out prior to arrival on port ?

 YES / No/ NA
1 Notice Given To Engine Room  
2 Position of Essential Systems tests and SBE marked on chart (where applicable)  
3 Parallel Indexing / mapping on the radar and charts as per Passage Plan  
4 Danger Areas / No-Go Area’s / Abort points / Contingency plans highlighted on the chart  
5 Recent Gyro & Magnetic  compass error obtained, Gyros and repeaters aligned,  
6 Position cross checked by two independent sources  
7 Planned use of Visual bearings, Radar ranges, clearing bearings and transits  
8 Advice and recommendations of Sailing Directions and ALRS Vol 6 ,ALRS,ALL & ATT immediately available  
9 Clocks synchronised  
10 Tidal heights and streams understood and highlighted on chart  
11 Sufficient UKC / Air draught (corrected for squat, rolling, pitching)  
12 Weather forecast and current visibility assessed  
13 Radar set up correctly (Route, PM, Scale, gain, clutter, stabilisation, CPA & TCPA alarms)  
14 ECDIS set up correctly, route loaded & checked, Charts corrected, memory function enabled  
15 Echo Sounder, Course Recorder, Telegraph printer operational,  time input checked and annotated  
16 Correct VHF channels selected. AIS correctly programmed and checked for public  information messages  
17 Second steering motor on, manual steering tested, Steering Gear checks completed  
18 Essential System test completed successfully (M/E tested astern )  
19 Bridge manning level increased in line with Passage planning /Company policy/ Standby Conditions . Master on bridge.  
20 Anchors cleared away and ready for use (where appropriate).  
21 Additional staff / crew to be called for deck operations  
22 Required flags, lights shapes available  
23 Pilot / port authority contacted  
24 Pilot access properly rigged, incl. lifebuoy with light and heaving line (Where appropriate)  
25 All relevant checklist/Pilot card /logs filled up  
26 Deck Lights , Search Lights & Air Horn tested / tried out  
27 Power to deck machinery ,Deck Water,Deck Air made available.  
28 Navigation lights inspection, alarm test.  


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