What is meaning of familiarization checklist on ship for new joiners ?

1.Can you communicate with other persons on elementary safety matters?  o

2. Have you been explained?

*           a) the alarm signals for     i)   General Emergency o    ii) Fire o  iii)   Abandon ship o   iv) Pollution contingency  o

             b) your duties in case of   i)   General Emergency o    ii) Fire o   iii)   Abandon ship o  iv) Pollution contingency  o                                                    v)   Man overboard o

*           c) The purpose of assigning you a ship number on the muster list                                                                        o           

*           d) The meanings of the safety information symbols and signs posted on the vessel                                              o

             e) The action to take in case of accident or other medical emergency                                                                o

             f) The method of opening/closing fire, weather tight and watertight doors on board                                               o

3.    Have you been shown?

*           a) the fire muster and lifeboat embarkation stations and emergency escape routes from within the accommodation and               engine room                                                                                                                                                               o

*           b) The location of your life jacket and method of donning the same                                                                   o

             c) The location of fire and general alarm switches                                                                                                      o

             d) The location of portable fire extinguishers and method of using them                                                                         o

             e)  The procedure for operating fixed fire extinguishing system for E/R                                                                           o

* For Supernumeraries on board

  • WATCHKEEPERS – ISM Reg 6.3 / STCW 1/14- (Tick box upon completion of task)
Deck Officers
Engine Officers
Watchkeeper Ratings
1.  Have you been  shown wheelhouse eqpt and explained the operation of

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