Safety Oral (FUNCTION – 03)


1.Hair line Crack on ship’s hull. He asked reporting and how to prevent it from progressing? 
2. During inspection of ballast tank crack found in ship’s hull, action as  chief officer. 
3.Contents of Quarterly reports sent by Classification society to ships? 
4.Checks on anchor cable in dry dock. How to determine whether can be used or not? What will you do if one cable is not within prescribed strength, suppose spares cannot be arranged? 
5.Crew in disciplined, How to handle as per MS act? 
6. Process for issuance of ISSC. Who prepares SSA and SSP 
7.Who gives condition of class and when? 
8.Contents of Survey document file. Who prepares it? What is Enhanced Survey programmer? 
9.Use of ground tackle n how to deploy? 
10.Procedure of slipping anchor ? 
11.Plans required for dry-dock ,what information you get from shell expansion plan and docking plan… 
12.Ship’s rudder is hollow or solid ?hollow then he asked what corrosion prevention method is used inside the rudder? 
13.what is COC  and who issues if your anchor is gone can you get COC if your gangway is gone can you get COC ? 
14.Ballast water management new regulation ? 
15.Chain and machinery register in detail – ILO convention, Form2.
16.What are various types of  surveys? 
17.Dry dock requirements for change of anchor cable? 
18.what are note of protest? 
19.what are pumping requirement in chain locker? 
20.what certificate a ship should have as per marpol annex III ? 
21.Who is RSO in india ? 
22.what is bilge keel why is it fitted and where ? 
23.  which statutory certificates have no expiry  ? 
24.what action and precautions to take while transiting GOA, what and whom to report in piracy attack? 
25.what all certificates required in dry dock? 
26.Can PSC inspect your accommodation area and under which convention ? 


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