You are on watch. One unit OMD activates. What will be your action

  • Reduce speed/pitch to slow-down level, if not already carried out automatically.
  • Ask the bridge for permission to stop.
  • Press engineer’s call alarm (to call all for help)
  • When the engine STOP order is received:
    1. Stop the engine
    2. Close the fuel oil supply.
  • Switch-off the auxiliary blowers and engine room ventilation.
  • Open the skylight(s) and/or “Stores hatch’.
  • Leave the engine room.
  • Lock the casing doors and keep away from them.
  • Prepare the fire-fighting equipment.

Do not open the crankcase until at least 30 minutes after stopping the engine. When opening up, keep clear of possible spurts of flame. Do not use naked lights and do not Smoke.

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