What arrangement is provided on the door which is welded to the air bottle and how to

check whether inside welding is okay or not? 19.    

  Air compressor is continuously running but air bottle is not filling. What are the possible

causes of it?             20.     What is the regulation of air bottle as per SOLAS? 21.     What do you understand by the term volumetric efficiency and how clearance volume affect the volumetric efficiency? 22.     What could be the reason of increase in volumetric efficiency? How will you come to know out? How will you adjust it? 23.     What is bumping clearance? How to adjust it? Why do we need it? 24.     What are the effects of valve leaking at various stages (first stage suction, first stage discharge, second stage suction, second stage discharge)? 25.     What are the reasons for fall in compressor performance? 26.     How to maintain air compressor efficiency? 27.     How unloader of deck air compressor work? Explain with drawing. 28.     What is the difference between the air compressor cycle and refrigeration cycle? 29.     What is the procedure of overhauling of compressor valves? Name different parts of compressor valve. 30.     What is the purpose of providing non return valve on the compressor discharge side? 31.     How can you check out low lub oil pressure cut out or high air temperature trip in compressor? 32.     You are on watch and bursting disc of air compressor burst out. What will be your action? 33.     How main bearing of multi stage compressor crankshaft is supported? 34.     How bearing clearances taken in main bearing and gudgeon pin bearing of compressor? 35.     Compressor low pressure relief valve is often lifting. What may be the reasons? 36.     If unloader is not working, how to start air compressor?


1.         What are the internal mountings in boiler? Explain with drawing.
2.         What are external boiler mountings?
3.         Where is vent cock located and its purpose?
4.         What are safety devices in a boiler?
5.         What are the differences between smoke tube and water tube boilers?
6.         Why we need to blow down the gauge glass and what is the procedure of gauge glass blow through? Why we open water side first during blow through?
7.         What are the safeties of gauge glass?
8.         Why we need to blow down the boiler water?
9.         Why do we do scum blow down and water blow down?
10.     What is the procedure of scum blow down and bottom blow down?
11.     What is the procedure of firing boiler from cold?
12.     How shall you prepare your boiler for boiler survey?
13.     What are the tests carried out on boiler water? What is the purpose of it? What is the procedure to carry out various boiler water tests? What is the desired value of various components (compounds) found in boiler water?
14.     What is the purpose of boiler water treatment?
15.     What is foaming in boiler and how to prevent it?
16.     What is boiler priming, reasons of priming and how to prevent it?
17.     What are the reasons of boiler burner blow back?
18.     What action do you take in case of foaming and priming?
19.     What action will you take if boiler gauge glass showing low water level?
20.     What is caustic embrittlement? How to prevent it?
21.     What do we do to prevent excess oxygen in boiler?
22.     What will you do if chloride is found too much in boiler water?
23.     What precautions we should take before turbocharger  washing?
24.     What is meant by accumulation pressure? What is its purpose and what is the procedure to perform accumulation pressure test?
25.     What are different types of ESD boiler?

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