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  1. Define compression ratio.
  2. What is the compression ratio of Compression ignition(CI) ratio and lifeboat engine?
  3. What is the Significance of Compression Ratio?
  4. What is SFOC? How to calculate SFOC?
  5. How to calculate power of main engine (2 stroke engine)?
  6. What are the methods other than indicator diagram through which power developed by a cylinder can be calculated?
  7. What is fuel pump index method and turbocharger speed method to calculate power of an engine?
  8. Draw and explain the valve timing diagram of 2 Stroke diesel engine.
  9. How to calculate Brake Power with torsion meter if mechanical efficiency is not given?
  10. Draw the valve timing diagram of 4 Stroke naturally aspirated and supercharged engine and why overlap period is more in pressure charged engine?
  11. What are the differences between 2 ST & 4 ST diesel engine?
  12. What are the advantages of super long stroke?
  13. On which cycle does marine diesel engine work? Explain the cycle.
  14. Why theoretical cycle (dual cycle) is not the actual cycle?
  15. What is the significance of firing order?
  16. What is Power Balancing? How is it achieved? How to check the unit for power balancing?
  17. What is Scavenge Efficiency?

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