What is SFOC? How to calculate SFOC?

Specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC) can be defined as fuel consumption in grams for unit power developed in unit time.

Unit: Grams/kilo watt hour

What is Brake SFOC and Indicated SFOC ?

SFOC can be

  1. Brake SFOC – calculated with brake power
  2. Indicated SFOC- calculated with indicated power

In order to achieve accuracy, the fuel consumption and power developed is always measured over a suitable time period on a good weather. The formula used for calculating SFOC is:

SFOC (g/kwh) = Mass of fuel consumed per hour / Power developed in KW

Where Mass of fuel = Specific gravity at current temperature (after applying density correction factor to specific gravity of oil at 15 degree Celsius obtained from BDN) x Volume of oil consumed per hour.

The engine power can be calculated from the Indicator diagram or from Fuel Pump Index method or from Turbocharger speed.

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