What is Power Balancing ? How is it achieved? How to check the unit for power balancing

Written by Anand Gautam
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How to achieve power balancing?

Power produced is related to the quantity of fuel injected and balancing is carried out by small adjustment to individual fuel pump controls.

The small adjustments made to the fuel pumps should be such that the units are not overloaded and the exhaust temperature doesn’t go beyond the safe limits. It is therefore necessary to be extremely careful while carrying out adjustments for power balancing.

Things to check while making Adjustments for Power Balancing of Marine Engines 

  • Fuel pump rack position
  • Exhaust and cooling water return temperatures for each cylinder of marine engine
  • Measurements from indicator diagram
  • VIT adjustment

If proper care is not taken during power balancing, the marine engine can become unbalanced, leading to other serious problems.

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