MARPOL Annex VI special areas:

  1. Baltic sea (Sox) +24NM off California coast
  2. North sea (Sox)
  3. North America (Nox, Sox & PM- Particulate matter)
  4. United states Caribbean sea (Nox, Sox & PM) Ist Jan, 2014.

Special area for SOX    emission   are :-

  1. Baltic sea
  2. North sea
  3. North America
  4. United states Caribbean sea

Special area for NOX    emission   are :-

  1. North America
  2. United states Caribbean sea

 Applicability of annex VI

 Every ship of 400 GT and above

  • every fixed & floating drilling rigs and
  • other platform are under applicability of annex VI.


  1. Initial Survey
  2. Renewal Survey.
  3. Intermediate survey
  4. Annual Survey
  5. Additional Survey

Air pollution is caused by the ships exhausts which emits sulphur oxide (Sox) and Nitrogen Oxide (Nox).

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