What is Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 (Regulation for the Prevention of Pollution by Oil) and discharge regulations?

Written by Amit Sharma
MARPOL Annex I(entered into force on 2nd Oct 1983)

Oil means petroleum in any form including crude oil, fuel oil, sludge oil refuse and refined products (other than those petrochemicals which are subject to the provisions of Annex II of the present convention) and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes the substances listed in appendix I to this annex I (ex. diesel oil, lubricating oil, mineral oil etc)

Crude Oil means any liquid hydrocarbon mixture occurring naturally in the earth whether or not treated to render if suitable for transportation and includes.
Crude oil from which certain distillate tractions may have been removed and Crude oil to which certain distillate tractions may have been added.

Oily mixture means a mixture with any oil content oily fuel means any oil used as fuel in connection with the propulsion and auxiliary machinery of the ship in which such oil is carried.

Oil tanker means a ship constructed or adopted primarily to carry oil in bulk in its cargo spaces and includes combination carries, any ‘NLS taker” as defined in Annex II of the present convention and any gas carrier as defied in regulation 320 of chapter II-I of SOLAS 74, when carrying a cargo of part cargo of bill in bulk.

Crude oil tanker means an oil tanker engaged in the trade of carrying crude oil.
Product carrier means an oil tanker engaged in the trade of carrying oil other than crude oil.

Combination carrier means a ship designed to carry either oil or solid cargoes in bulk.

means the rate of discharge of oil in liters per hour at any instant divided by the speed of the ship in knots at the same instant.

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