Checklist for pirates attack or transit in HRA or High Risk Area

Yes No
1 All access to Engine Room, Bridge & Accommodation is closed. (Deck Watch Keepers to have access to accommodation from one Bridge Wing Door only)    
2 Extra lookout posted on Bridge & on Deck forward and Aft along with Hand held Communication Equipment.    
3 One Radar at small range to locate small moving crafts.    
4 Signal to warn of terrorist attack discussed with Ship’s Staff.    
5 Safe Mustering Area within the accommodation decided upon.    
6 Search Light on Bridge in good working Order.    
7 Adequate lighting arrangements made on shipside to dazzle potential Boarders. (Ensure that such lighting does not come in way of safe navigation due backscatter.)    
8 Anchor Hawse Pipe Plates are in place and locked to prevent boarding.    
9 Holds/Tanks entrances are sealed/locked.    
10 All Stores not in use sealed/locked.    
11 Deck Line under Pressure and hoses rigged at strategic intervals.    
12 Aware of position of other vessels in the vicinity. (To warn or to require assistance).    
13 Working Frequency of Nearest Radio Station or VHF Channel being monitored.    
14 Note last drill carried out to train Ship’s staff in above procedures.    
  IN    PORT  /  ANCHOR    
1 Access to the Ship restricted to one point. (Pilot ladders pulled up & secured)    
2 Gangway & Deckwatch linked with Duty Officer &/or Master through Hand

Held Communication Equipment.

3 Regular rounds of vessel made, specially unfrequented areas.    
4 Log of each person-boarding vessel being maintained. Identification & purpose of Visit noted.    
5 Person to meet the Master or any other staff on board escorted while on board.    
6 Overside watch maintained for swimmers & Small unmotorised crafts near ship side.    
7 Hawse Pipe cover in place, locked & anchor wash water running.    
8 Movement of Private Security Guards monitored.    
9 Stores/Spares received checked against invoice. (Unidentified / suspicious parcels brought to Master’s notice.)    
10 Movement of Stevedores and other persons restricted to working areas on board.    
11 Contact details of Agent, Harbour Police, Fire Fighting Department displayed and known to all on board.    

The Duty Officer &/or Master/SSO to ensure that the ship staff is trained and importance of duties delegated and understood by them.

A few points are applicable to both, at sea and in port, and should be considered for total security of vessel and personnel on board.


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