What informations are available in Trim and stability booklet?

  • standard loading conditions as indicated and examples for developing other acceptable loading conditions using the information contained in the booklet
  • intact stability results (total displacement and its centre of gravity co-ordinates, draughts at perpendiculars, GM, GM corrected for free surfaces effect, GZ values and curve, criteria as indicated  as well as possible additional criteria specified in Part E when applicable, reporting a comparison between the actual and the required values) are to be available for each of the above-mentioned operating conditions. The method and assumptions to be followed in the stability curve calculation are specified.
  • information on loading restrictions (maximum allowable load on double bottom, maximum specific gravity allowed in liquid cargo tanks, maximum filling level or percentage in liquid cargo tanks, maximum KG or minimum GM curve or table which can be used to determine compliance with the applicable intact and damage stability criteria) when applicable.
  • information about openings (location, tightness, means of closure), pipes or other progressive flooding sources.
  • information concerning the use of any special cross-flooding fittings with descriptions of damage conditions which may require cross-flooding, when applicable.
  • any other guidance deemed appropriate for the operation of the ship.
  • a table of contents and index for each booklet.


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