What checks should be performed on liner of auxiliary engine after removal of liner?

Liner must be inspected thoroughly after its removal to determine the service condition of the cylinder liner and whether to replace it or not.

Liner inner diameter should be checked after 8000-10000 running hours and after 16000-20000 running hours, it should be taken out, cleaned and checked.

Checks after removal of liner:

Checking & servicing

  1. Do not use sand paper, wire brush, or the like when cleaning the outer periphery of cylinder liner. Otherwise, the heat-treated layer on the surface is removed to cause rusting or corrosion.
  2. Place the cylinder liner vertically on a wooden plank
  3. If the measurement on the inner diameter of a cylinder liner exceeds the usage limit value or if the measurement is expected to reach the usage limit value before the next servicing, replace such a cylinder liner.
  4. Check for seizure, streak and corrosion on the sliding surface of cylinder liner.
  5. Check the rounded part of collar of cylinder liner for cracks with the help of dye.
  6. Check for corrosion and wear at the part of cylinder liner mated with the cylinder block.

If there is any crack or inner diameter of the liner exceeds the desired limit or corroded, it must be replaced with a new one.

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