How to identify inlet valve and exhaust valve of an AE ?

Take care not to confuse the suction and exhaust valves as they are of the same shape but made of different materials.

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FIG.: Marking on suction and exhaust valve stem

In the fig., S represents suction valve and E represents exhaust valve.

It is important to note that tappet clearance of suction valve is 0.40 mm and tappet clearance of exhaust valve is 0.50 mm which is measured by feeler gauge. The tappet clearance of exhaust valve is kept more as it is subjected to high temperature.

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  • how to find out the inlet and exhaust valves in mixed condition..also there is no numbering s found in valves? that is to be used in engine in stead of unavailablity of new spare

    • size of inlet vv is larger for drawing in more air, ex vv is smaller. Inlet vv is flat on top of the vv while ex vv has sloped shape. If used ex vv will have reddish brown colour due to high temp

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