What are points to be taken into account when Joining Vessel as Master ?

(Foreign currency)       Crew Advance   NIL       Impressed……………….

Cost of Provisions in stock (Rupees)…..RS…………./- (USD ……/-)

The incoming Master has also sighted  and satisfied himself as to the availability of the following certificates, documents and records;

1. Certificate of Registry Y/N
2. Other certificates as listed in Form D-13 – Status of certificates (attached herewith) Y/N
3. Articles of Agreement for officers and ratings Y/N
4. Suez Canal Certificate /  Panama Canal Certificate Y/N
5. Documents relating to enhanced survey Y/N
6. Record of Safety Equipment Y/N
7. Official Log Book Y/N
8. Chain Register Y/N
9. Naval Documents Y/N
10. Oil Record Book Y/N
11. Charter Party for current charter Y/N
12. Condition of Safety equipment as listed in Form D-31- Status of Equipment (attached herewith)               Y/N

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