What does the code MOLU 2210 stands for as per container marking ?

Container code consist of four letters and four numerrels

MOL – The first 3 letters are the owner’s code and indicate owner

U – It indicates that the container is a transport unit

2 – The first digits indicates the length of the container, 2 for twenty and 4 for  fourty feet.

2 – The second digit indicates height of the container as per the following code.

  •        0 = 8’0’’
  •        2 = 8’6’’ for twenty lengths
  •        3 = 8’6’’ for fourty lengths
  •        4 = more than 8’6’’
  •      6 = 4’0’’ 
  •      8 = 4’3’’
  •      9 = less than 4’0’’

1 – The third digit used to indicate the type of the container as per following code but now a new set of codes are in use as mentioned in the following table:

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