What is code of safe practice for carrying timber deck cargoes or TDC code on ships , its purpose and contents?

This Code apply to all ships of 24 metres or more in length, carrying a timber deck cargo.

The Code provides:

  1. Practices for safe transportation;
  2. Methodologies for safe stowage and securing;
  3. Design principles for securing systems;
  4. Guidance for developing procedures and instructions to be included in ships’ cargo securing manuals on safe stowage and securing; and
  5. Sample checklists for safe stowage and securing.
Purpose of this code:-

The purpose of the Code is to ensure that timber deck cargoes are loaded, stowed and secured to prevent, as far as practicable, throughout the voyage, damage or hazard to the ship and persons on board as well as loss of cargo overboard.

In other way we can explain purpose of the code as:

The purpose of this Code is to assist:

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