What are different types of container used on ships ?

There are many container types in operation to suit a variety of trades. Sizes also vary and they can be shipped in the following sizes: 8 ft in width and 8 ft or 8 ft 6 inch in height, with lengths of 10, 20, 40 or 45 ft.

Conventional units (general purpose) –

Also known as a dry container are made from steel and fully enclosed with a timber floor. Cargo-securing lashing points are located at floor level at the base of the side panelling. Access for ‘stuffing’ and ‘de-stuffing’ is through full height twin locking doors at one end.

Open top containers –

Covered by tarpaulin and permits top loading/discharging for awkward sized loads which cannot be easily handled through the doorways of general purpose containers. These may be fitted with a removable top rail over and above the door aperture.

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