Everything Looks Impossible Until We Do It !!!

Written by Amit Sharma

Marinegyaan.com is not just another website; it’s a mission to create World’s Biggest Online Marine Encyclopedia by Indians for the World and to find solutions that are of extreme importance to all seafarers across the globe.

In the era of internet where any information is just a click away anytime anywhere, Marine Gyaan has a vision to bring maritime education online. Hence, a campaign to build the World’s Biggest Online Nautical Encyclopedia (to start with) by Indian officers for the world has been started to help seafarers seeking information on various topics at sea or during the preparation of competency exams. We thank all the 23 authors for joining the campaign so far & supporting us by sending their notes, handouts & study materials continuously to the Marine Gyaan Team where our expert seniors scrutinize it & upload on the website approving the authenticity & genuinity of the information.

In the decade where even groceries are bought on internet. Why can’t we book our courses online on one platform, We have started online course booking exactly the way you wanted which provides 24 X 7 booking of courses in maritime institutes with all important information on one page for easy comparison & it’s just 3 steps booking i.e. search, compare & book, making it the simplest & the fastest way of booking courses in India from anywhere in the world.

Solutions of all the numerical of important books like PRINCIPLE OF NAVIGATION, PRACTICAL NAVIGATION, STABILITY, CARGO & so on has been continuously uploaded on the website to help cadets & young officers to refer if they get stuck anywhere anytime while preparing for university & competency exams.

Latest MMD oral questions are uploaded to keep you updated with latest trends of questions,

Updated Maritime News & Articles will bring you all the information about the latest happenings & the issues of the shipping world.

Since the beginning of the mission, we have uploaded more than 2000 questions with detailed answers & explanations for deck competency exams. You only need to type the keywords of your question in the search box of marinegyaan.com to see what you want.

But that’s Not the End of the List, It’s Just the Beginning Of the Campaign!!!

So, we are open for all to share their knowledge by posting your stuffs in the form of notes, handouts, study materials, articles, photos, videos or anything which you think will benefit the maritime world giving you a chance to make a mark on the online maritime crowd & GET PAID FOR IT and
Most importantly, be a part of the making of

World’s Biggest Online Marine Encyclopedia,

The Journey Is Long & We May Not Be There Yet, But We Are Little Closer Than Yesterday!!!

Thank you all for your love & support
Marine Gyaan Team

About the author

Amit Sharma

Graduated from M.E.R.I. Mumbai (Mumbai University), After a brief sailing founded this website with the idea to bring the maritime education online which must be free and available for all at all times and to find basic solutions that are of extreme importance to a seafarer by our innovative ideas.