What are Operational checks in Radar?

  • Surveyors should check the overall performance of the radar installation by careful observation of known echo responses in the vicinity of the ship. This is a subjective method and relies on the judgement of the surveyor with experienced appreciation of the quality of a radar picture which can be obtained in the area.
  • The operation of Performance Monitors should also be checked and, where possible, the monitor responses should be compared with the calibration label or record.
  • The alignment of the radar heading-marker with the ship’s fore-and-aft line should be checked by comparing visual bearings, relative to the ship’s head, of identified radar echoes with the bearings on the display between the echoes and the heading line. The visual bearings should, where practicable, be taken from positions which do not introduce parallax into the alignment procedure. Where inter-switching facilities are provided the Surveyor should ensure that the indicated heading marker is accurately aligned with all arrangements of units. Where the heading marker is not accurately aligned, the Master should be informed and be requested to carry out a re-alignment before the ship sails.
  • Where electronic plotting aids are provided with test programmes or facilities to enable the integrity of the equipment to be checked, as described in the Operating Manual, Surveyors should make use of these test programmes or facilities when assessing the performance of the radar installation.

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