What are IMO Performance Standard for RADAR?

Written by Amit Sharma

These Performance Standards should apply to all ship borne radar installations, used in any configuration, mandated by the 1974  SOLAS Convention, as amended, independent of the: 

  • Type of ship;
  • Frequency band in use; and
  • Type of display, 

Providing that no special requirements are specified in below Table  and that additional requirements for specific classes of ships (in accordance with SOLAS chapters V and X) are met. 

The radar installation, in addition to meeting the general requirements as set out in resolution A.694(17)*, should comply with the following performance standards.

Close interaction between different navigational equipment and systems, makes it essential to consider these standards in association with other relevant IMO standards. 


Differences in the performance requirements for various sizes/categories of ship/craft to which SOLAS applies 

Size of ship/craft<500 GT 500 GT  to <10,000 GT and HSC<10,000 GTAll ships/craft =10,000 GT   Minimum
Minimum operational display area diameter180 mm250mm320mm
Minimum display area195 * 195mm270* 270 mm340*340 mm
Auto acquisition of targetsYES
Minimum acquired radar target capacity203040
Minimum activated AIS target capacity20 


Minimum sleeping AIS target capacity100150200
Trial ManoeuvreYES


The radar system range and bearing accuracy requirements should be: 

Range – Within 30 m or 1% of the range scale in use, whichever is greater;

Bearing – Within 1°.


  • With own ship at zero speed, an antenna height of 15 m above the sea level and in calm conditions, the navigational buoy in Table should be detected at a minimum horizontal range of 40 m from the antenna position and up to a range of 1 NM, without changing the setting of control functions other than the range scale selector.
  • Compensation for any range error should be automatically applied for each selected antenna, where multiple antennas are installed


Range and bearing discrimination should be measured in calm conditions, on a range scale of 1.5 NM or less and at between 50% and 100% of the range scale selected: 


The radar system should be capable of displaying two point targets on the same bearing, separated by 40 m in range, as two  distinct objects. 


The radar system should be capable of displaying two point targets at the same range, separated by 2.5° in bearing, as two distinct objects


The target detection performance of the equipment should not be substantially impaired when own ship is rolling or pitching upto +/-10°.


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