How will you take over from outgoing 2/o before sailing 6 hrs from port?

  • First I will meet with master and hand over all documents.
  • As per take over note I will take over from outgoing 2/0.
  • I will ask my duty schedule.
  • I will ask my LSA, FFA items.
  • I will check the passage plan for running voyage.
  • I will check no chart missing for the passage.
  • Check all charts update or not and they are well marked.
  • Check respective position for charts and publication.
  • Any special instruction from master for this msg.
  • See the respective place for all log books.
  • Check all bridge equipment.
  • Ask relief any malfunction of equipment.
  • Ask about the equipment manual (all available, missing, places).
  • Check all navigation equipment.
  • Ask him stationary condition any requisition have or not.
  • Ash him about medicine any medicine expire any new order.
  • Take medical chest certificate (by WHO validity 1 year).
  • Ask about narcotics.
  • Ask him about engine setting speed in various movement, critical rpm
  • Ask him about pilot info, boarding time.
  • If any problem take note, found satisfactory inform master, give sign.
Log book maintain by 2/0
  • RADAR log book.
  • Deck log book.
  • GMDSS log book.
  • Compass error log book.
  • Sight log book.
  • Echo sounder log book.
  • GPS log book.
  • Movement log book/bell book.
  • VHF common log book.
  • Medical log book.
  • Panama log book.
  • Noon report log.
  • Sanitary log book.
  • Monthly PMS log.
File maintain by 2/0
  • Passage plan.
  • Service report.
  • Chart correction index.
  • List of medicine.
  • T & P correction.
  • Noon report.
  • Drug & alcohol control.
  • Bridge check list.
At mooring station, 2/0 duty :
  • Check propeller is clear or not.
  • PPE should wear myself & crew.
  • To know the mooring arrangement plan from master.
  • Discuss with crew about mooring plan.
  • If require arrange tender.
  • Tug arrangement ships line or tag line centre/quarter.
  • Proper communication with bridge.
  • Lay out the spring, stern & breast line.
  • Keep away from snap back zone.
  • Rat guard & winch tried out.
  • Make ready heaving line, stopper.
  • Tug signal received.
  • Take tug messanger line with heaving line & I will fix with mooring drum. I will take eye of line & made fast.
  • Winch cooling V/v must be open.
  • Adequate lightening during night.
  • Check registry flag hoist or not.
  • Check scupper plugged.
UKC is less,  2/0 duty.
  • Reduce speed.
  • Engine manoeuvre.
  • Call master.
  • Navigation with caution.
Anchoring  : Aware of
  • Approximate position of anchorage.
  • Which anchor to use.
  • Depth of water.
  • Method of anchoring.
  • Final amount of cable.
  • Start hydraulic power of windless.
  • Check anchor light and shape.
  • Check communication with bridge.
  • Ensure all PPE.
  • Lighting of fore castle.
  • Before letting go hold the cable on break.
  • After drop the anchor
  • Count shackle and report to bridge.
  • Report anchor condition & direction.
  • After playing shackle hold the cable by compressor.
  • Use bow stopper also gear out tight up break
  • Switch off windlass power.
2/0 Anchor drop, what precaution will taken:
  • Check windlass per pack.
  • Windlass tried out without engage gear.
  • Check any oil leakage.
  • Take out anchor lashing.
  • Lighting of fore castle area.
  • Always communication with bridge.
  • Anchor wake back.
  • Check visually in anchor area, there have any fishing net or not.
  • Ensure all PPE, specially googles.
  • At night must take torch light.
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