How to take over as 2nd officer at time of joining?

  • First I will go to master I will submit my all documents & finished other formalities.
  • I will take “Take over” check list for 2/0.
  • If I see 2/0 is on duty then I will consult with c/o. If he is not on duty then I will take permission from master for taking over my duty from sign off 2/O.
 The following matter should make me understand :
  • Present voyage chart (must update upto present week).
  • Passage plan for next voyage.
  • Bridge equipment list and condition.
  • Details of bridge equipment functions and any defects on operation, If defect than any requisition raised for the same or not.
  • Navigating equipment operating manufacture Manual.
  • Check chart & publication up to date which week.
  • Bridge publication as per SOLAS mandatory publication.
  • Any PSC deficiency current port.
  • I will go to monkey island with antenna manual and check all antenna.
  • This port any publication or stationary receive or not.
  • If received where it kept.
  • Ask him have any pending requisition or not.
  • Check stationary condition.
  • Take over all keys of all 2/0 locker.
  • Ships trading area, chart available or not.
  • GMDSS equipment status.
  • After I will come to CCR or ships office.
  • I will ask him cargo operation procedure.
  • Ballasting & deballasting procedure.
  • Educting system.
  • Cargo pump capacity.
  • GS & bilge pump capacity.
  • Check running loading or discharging stowage plan.
  • Also ask condition of mooring rope.
  • Condition of aft station.
  • Mooring winch cooling system.
  • Cargo hatch operation and on/off switch location.
Dry dock watch for 2/0
  • Every morning there is a meeting with ship and dock people. After this meeting duty will be dedicated.
  • Then follow master, c/o, company and dock instruction.
  • Give proper fire round.
  • Gangway watch and maintain isps duty.
  • Maintain proper security level and check safety of ships crew and dock people those are working onboard.
  • LSA and FFA item placed and operational or not.
  • Shore fire watch man properly on duty or not.
  • If bridge radar repairing going on give safety poster for the safety of crew.
  • If any work going regarding hampering ships stability, attend their.
  • All time maintain watch part channel and update weather report and MSI message.
  • Also follow new instruction from company.
  • At night time I will update chart and publication.
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