What will be your duty as 2/o once it is confirmed that Vessel will sail from dry dock after two hours?

  • At first check passage plan for present voyage.
  • Check chart of the voyage (way point, distance, no go area).
  • Check publication, weather report and navigational warning.
  • Give one hour notice to E/R.
  • Equipment checked and ready to use (RPM indicator, emergency engine stop bridge and engine room telegraph, engine on bridge control, echo sounder).
  • Equipment tested, synchronized and ready for use.
  • Update AIS.
  • Feed way point to GPS.
  • Check communication facilities including bridge, engine room, mooring station, portable radio & VHF.
  • Communication with port/dock authority.
  • Check navigation and signal light.
  • Check sound signaling apparatus.
  • Steering gear test Manual, Auto, emergency.
  • Check wind wiper and clear view screen.
  • Is the ship secure for sea (cargo and cargo handling equipment, stability and draught) all crew on board).
  • Gangway secure and also secure ISC.
  • Check all antenna as per antenna plan.
  • Contract with Pilot.
  • Arranged for pilot embark and disembark.
  • Pilot card ready.
  • Anchor clear for use.
  • Check bottom plug.
  • Course recorder alignment.
  • Synchronized all gyro repeater with gyro.
  • Synchronized ships location.
  • ECDIS & RADAR make ready for use.
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