What is the baltic exchange questionnaire for dry cargo ship in detail ?

1.1 Date updated:    
1.2 Vessel’s name:    
1.3 IMO number:    
1.4 Vessel’s previous name(s) and date(s) of change:    
1.5 Flag:    
1.6 Port of Registry:    
1.7 Type of vessel:    
1.8 Type of hull:    
Ownership and Operation  
1.9 Registered owner – Full style:    
1.10 Parent company/group to which the owner belongs – Full style:    
1.11 Technical operator – Full style    
1.12 Commercial operator – Full style:    
1.13 Disponent owner – Full style:    
1.14 Does disponent owner have vessel on time charter or bareboat:    
1.15 Since when vessel has been under Disponent owner:    
1.16 Number of vessels in disponent owner’s fleet:    
1.17 Builder (where built) / Yard number:      
1.18 Date delivered (built):    
1.19 Classification society:    
1.20 Class notation:    
1.21 If Classification society changed, name of previous society:    
1.22 If Classification society changed, date of change:    
1.23 Date and place of last dry dock:      
1.24 Date next dry dock is due:    
1.25 Date of last special survey / next survey due:      
1.26 Date of last annual survey / next survey due:      
1.27 Is vessel entered in classification approved enhanced survey program?    
1.28 Does vessel comply with IACS unified requirements regarding number 1 cargo hold and double bottom tank steel structure?    
  Has this compliance been verified by the classification society?    
1.29 Length Over All (LOA):    
1.30 Length Between Perpendiculars (LBP):    
1.31 Extreme breadth (Beam):    
1.32 Moulded depth:  
1.33 Keel to Masthead (KTM) / KTM in collapsed condition (if applicable):    
1.34 Distance from waterline to top of hatch coamings or

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