What is requirements for fire pump on ship as per SOLAS ?

As per SOLAS Reg. II-2/4.2)

Ships shall be provided with independently driven fire pumps as follows:
  1. Passenger ships of 4,000 gross tonnage and upwards at least three.
  2. Passenger ships of less than 4,000 gross tonnage and cargo ships of 1,000 gross tonnage and upwards at least two
  3. Cargo ships of less than 1,000 gross tonnage to the satisfaction of the Administration.
  4. Cargo ships of less than 1000 gross tonnage but above 500 gross tonnage are to be provided with not less than two power fire pumps, one of which is to be an independently driven pump.

The phrase “independently power driven” should be understood to require that the driving power for each pump is not supplied from the vessel’s propulsion unit and also that the driving mechanism for each pump is independent of the other pump(s) driving mechanisms

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