What are Class of bulkhead as per SOLAS ?

Class A

  • Are divisions forming bulkheads and decks that are;
    • Constructed of steel or equivalent
    • suitably stiffened
    • Prevent passage of smoke and flame to the end of one hour standard fire test
    • Insulated using non-combustible material so that average temperature on un-exposed side does not rise above 139oC and point temperature above 180o The time duration for which the bulkhead complies with this , governs its class
      A-60— 60 Min
      A-30— 30 Min
      A-15 —15 Min
      A-0 —0 Min

Class B

  • These are divisions formed by bulkheads, decks, ceilings and lining
    • Prevent passage of flame for first half hour of standard fire test
    • Insulated so average un-exposed side temperature does not rise more than 139oC above original and no single point rises more than 225oC above original .
    • B-15 -15 Min
      B-0 -0 Min
    • Constructed of non-combustible material and all materials entering the construction are similarly non-combustible except where permitted.

Class C

  • These are divisions constructed of approved non-combustible materials. Combustible veneers are allowed where they meet other criteria
  • Main vertical zones Divided by Class A bulkheads and not exceeding 40m in length
You may also know :
  • Transverse Bulkheads serve to :
  • Subdivide a ship against flooding and spread of fire
  • Support Decks & Superstructures
  • Resist racking stresses
  • “Margin line” means a line drawn at least 76mm below the upper surface of the bulkhead deck at the side of a ship, and assumed for the purpose of determining the floodable length of the ship
  • Bulkhead Deck :
  • It is usually the freeboard deck
  • For Collision Bulkhead it is the uppermost continuous deck
  • For Afterpeak Bulkhead it may be one deck above load water line, provided this deck is made watertight to the stern or to a watertight transom floor.


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