What is requirement for construction of rudder for all types of ships as per SOLAS ?

  • In a passenger ship, the main steering gear is capable of operating the rudder as required  while any one of the power units is out of operation;
  • In a cargo ship, the main steering gear is capable of operating the rudder as required while operating with all power units;
  • The main steering gear is so arranged that after a single failure in its piping system or in one of the power units the defect can be isolated so that steering capability can be maintained or speedily regained.
  • The administration may, until 1 September 1986, accept the fitting of a steering gear, which has a proven record of reliability but does not comply with the requirements for a hydraulic system.

Regulation 29

  1. Steering gears, other than of the hydraulic type, shall achieve standards equivalent to the requirements of this paragraph to the satisfaction of the administration.
  2. Steering gear control shall be provided: for the main steering gear, both on the Navigation Bridge and in the steering gear compartment, where the main steering gear is arranged in accordance with paragraph , by two independent controls systems, both operable from the Navigation Bridge. This does not require duplication of the steering wheel or steering lever. Where the control system Consists of a hydraulic Tele-motor, a second independent system Need not be fitted except in a tanker, chemical tanker or gas Carrier of 10,000 gross tonnage and upwards; For the auxiliary steering gear, in the steering gear compartment And, if power-operated, it shall also be operable from the navigation bridge and shall be independent of the control system For the main steering gear.
  3. Any main and auxiliary steering gear control system operable from the Navigation Bridge shall comply with the following:
    • if electric, it shall be served by its own separate circuit supplied From a steering gear power circuit from a point within the Steering gear compartment, or directly from switchboard Busbars supplying that steering gear power circuit at a point On the switch boards adjacent to the supply to the steering gear Means shall be provided in the steering gear compartment for Disconnecting any control system operable from the navigation Bridge from the steering gear it serves;  
    • The system shall be capable of being brought into operation from A position on the navigation bridge
    • In the event of a failure of electrical power supply to the control System, an audible and visual alarm shall be given on the Navigation bridge; and Short circuit protection only shall be provided for steering gear control supply circuits.
    • The electrical power circuits and the steering gear control systems With their associated components, cables and pipes required and shall be separated as far as is practicable Throughout their length.
    • A means of communication shall be provided between the navigation Bridge and the steering gear compartment.


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