What is CSR or Continuous Synopsis Record ?

As per SOLAS chapter XI-1 , every ship to maintain a continuous Synopsis Record. The CSR shall contain the details of the ship from the time of the first owner. The Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) is a special measure for enhancing the maritime security at sea and must be kept on board even when

  • The vessel transfers to another flag state,
  • Vessel is sold to another owner,
  • Vessel is taken over by another bareboat charter, or any other company assumes the responsibility of the ship operation.

CSR is applicable to:

From 1 July 2004, SOLAS Chapter XI-1, regulation 5 requires all passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 gross tonnage and above engaged on international voyages and Self Propelled Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) to have on board a Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR). A ship’s CSR file comprises:

  1. All CSR documents (Form 1) issued by the ship’s Administration(s), numbered sequentially over the life of the ship;
  2. All amendment forms (Form 2) attached to each individual CSR document relating to changes made to that CSR document; and
  3. All indices of amendments (Form 3) listing all amendments (specified by amendment forms) relating to each CSR document and attached to Form 1 above. 

Purpose of CSR:

The purpose of the CSR is to provide an onboard record of the history of the vessel with respect to its flag, owner, operator, charterer, classification society, safety management, and security activities.

 The CSR Document:

  • Only the ship’s Administration can issue a ship’s CSR document (Form 1) to a ship. The first CSR document issued to a ship is numbered “ 1 ” and subsequent CSR documents are to be sequentially numbered. The sequential numbering continues across change of flag throughout the life of the ship.
  • Each original CSR document will have to be sent to the ship and kept by the ship throughout its lifetime. The Administration needs to keep a copy (which may be an electronic copy) of each CSR document issued to the ship.
  • Whenever issuing a CSR document to a ship, the Administration will have to provide all information in rows 1 to 13 of Form 1 (indicate N/A if not applicable). Information number 7 on the CSR only has to be completed if the Administration requires the registration of bareboat charterers and the ship is actually bareboat chartered.
Actions by masters when receiving a revised and updated CSR document:
  • On receipt of a revised and updated CSR document, the master should check its sequential number and review the document to ensure that it covers all relevant amendment forms attached to the previous CSR document.
  • In case this review establishes that there are outstanding amendments not reflected in the latest CSR document, the master should do the following:
    1. complete new amendment form(s) relating to each outstanding amendment and attach it to the latest CSR document;
    2. list the amendment(s) referred to in .1 above in the index of amendments (Form 3) attached to the latest CSR document; and
    3. forward copies of the amendment form(s) to the shipís Administration.
Action in case of loss of, or damage to, any document in a ships CSR file:

In case of loss of, or damage to, a ship’s CSR file, the Company or master should contact in writing the ship’s Administration without delay, and list the papers lost or damaged. The Administration should subsequently provide relevant duplicates to the ship of the CSR documents and amendment forms that it holds, to replace such papers. Such duplicates should be marked accordingly.

To see sample of form 1 , form 2  and form 3 of CSR, Please click here.

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