What is Purpose of the code on intact stability?

The purpose  of the Code on Intact Stability for All Types of Ships Covered  by IMO  Instruments,  hereinafter referred   to  as the  Code,  is to  recommend    stability  criteria   and  other   measures  for  ensuring  the  safe operation  of all ships to minimize  the risk to such ships, to the personnel  on board  and to the environment.

This Code contains intact stability criteria for the following  types of ships and other  marine vehicles of 24  m in length  and above  unless otherwise  stated:

  • Cargo ships.
  • Cargo ships carrying
  • Deck  cargo cargo  ships carrying  grain in bulk .
  • Passenger
  • Fishing vessels.
  • Special purpose ships
  • Offshore   supply  vessels .
  • Mobile offshore  drilling  units
  • Pontoons
  • Dynamically supported  craft
  • Containerships

 The coastal State may impose  additional  requirements  regarding  the design aspects of ships of novel design or ships not  otherwise  covered  by the Code
Stability  data and associated  plans should  be drawn  up in the official  language  or languages  of the issuing country  and the language of the master. If the languages used are neither  English nor French the text should  include  a translation  into  one of these languages.

 Each ship  should  be  provided   with   a  stability  booklet,   approved   by  the  Administration,    which contains  sufficient  information   to enable  the master to operate  the ship in compliance   with  the applicable requirements  contained  in the Code.

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